Training San Francisco

Training San Francisco

Sep 13, 2012

During my latest trip to represent the SMRP and present a technical paper for my sponsor and employer, Dreisilker Electric Motors, Inc., on rotating machines, I ended up in San Francisco at the Hyatt Regency downtown. As I was there for four days I looked into training options. The first was the hotel and bands and the second was a World Gym located about an hour walking distance.


Deadlift at World Gym

Note that taxis are available everywhere and may be considered as my personal observation of crime rate was the results of break-ins of vehicles in the middle of the day, over half a dozen, during the walk. However, a great deal of residents walk and bike throughout and even after 5pm (rush hour) street traffic was relatively light.


Weather was pleasant during the walk – about 66F

Monday was a planned off-day due to a combination of travel and meetings that resulted in a 24 hour working day. I rarely plan sleeping on a plane due to other passengers. In this case I had someone who continuously woke me up to ask me to sit my seat up so they could: read, drink their soda, and get up to go to the bathroom – over a half dozen times. Intolerable, but nothing anyone not even the flight attendants could correct. From Chicago to San Francisco was over 4.5 hours plus the day conference and meetings resulted in a significant amount of sitting. Late in the afternoon I ended up taking some time, grabbing the set of bands I carry with me, and went down to the hotel gym to use their cable machine, dumbbells and the bands to train shoulders, triceps and light back.


A portion of the Hyatt Gym

My schedule allowed me to break away on Tuesday afternoon to go to the World Gym ( I walked the hour and checked in with the very helpful Shimar Zaid at the counter. I had been recommended to the gym by my Progressive Power Teammate Talia Bensinger-Colton, who used to live in the area.


The World Gym in San Francisco

The gym was outstanding. A full locker room, showers, towels, a full health grill and juice bar, stretching area, a full assortment of free weights, cardio equipment, squat/deadlift stations, good commercial grade benches, and, yes brothers and sisters, they even had a GHR!


Oh look! A GHR!!

They also had backpacks with bands and related equipment strategically located throughout the free weight area, deadlift bars and even cambered bars and boxes! Several of the other lifters identified that I had not been there before and were helpful in pointing out where some of the equipment was. This was definitely a ‘crossover’ between a commercial gym and a training center with lots of space, a conditioned environment, and helpful employees and members. People were focused on training and I saw few standing around talking. Ambient music was ‘neutral’ and at a reasonable level such that it did not overpower my ear buds and iPhone music.


Squat/Deadlift Station

The equipment was in excellent condition and well-maintained. I noticed, for instance, that I didn’t need to tighten up the end-bolts on the Olympic bars (average grade bars). The color bands were even in excellent shape.

Ratings: Hours – 4/5; Equipment – 4/5 condition and 4/5 powerlifting friendly; Ability to Train – 5/5 (only missing a monolift); Atmosphere – 5/5; and, Location – 4/5.


Hyatt Regency San Francisco Training:

Monday Workout (Hyatt Regency gym): light and monster band shoulders and triceps, 30lb shoulder raises (4 sets of 15), wide tricep cable presses at 160lbs (3 sets of 15), 50lb dumbbell presses (3 sets of 20) – max weight they had. Banded chest fly’s.


Deadlift Training


World Gym San Francisco Training:

Definitely feeling more recovered this week. Even with the 2 hour brisk walk to and from World Gym:

– Squat: 8x135lb; 5x225lb; 5x275lb; 5x315lb; 3x365lb; 2x2x405lb (last set of 2 sloppy – high)

– Deadlift: 8x135lb; 5x225lb; 5x315lb; 4x365lb; 4 single 405lb

– Shrugs: 15x225lb; 12x315lb; 10x405lb; 8x495lb; 6x585lb; 3x675lb

No support work – used walk with 30lb backpack.

Food has been an issue on this trip. Hotel food with lots of salt. Bloated like crazy! Lots of water and coffee. Will definitely need to get this back on track!


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