Training Update

Training Update

Jun 14, 2012

I’ve been working really hard on many different things in all directions, but training is always going good!

One thing is constant.  Each week I am handling world record weights in excess of 700lbs for the bench press.  I am focusing on quality over the amount of weight lifted.  I probably could go a little heavier, but I’d be over-reaching, hitting sloppy reps, and be ego-driven.  Its not about ego.  Its about longevity, quality, perfection, and domination of weights…pure and simple.  I want to be known as the most consistent and challenging competitor in the IPF Bench Press scene.  Thats my goal.  I am going to attempt to video tape my next few training days.

A good friend of mine Rick Fowler, promoter, lifter, and all around pioneer for powerlifting, made the below poster for the USAPL Mid America Bench Press and Deadlift Championships!  The mascot for the competition is a goofball…it is me…


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