Training Update

Training Update

Jun 3, 2012

Last Monday, I did a re-introduction back into equipped bench press training.

I went to a 1 board on all sets…

655 x1
685 x1
715 x1

I may have even been able to double the 715.  Quite surprised.

I haven’t done anything too impressive on the raw side of things for a while, so I plan on pushing that quite a bit more for nationals.

I need to keep my bodyweight down as well.  I’ve been creeping up and over the weight class limit the last few weeks.  I don’t want to scramble to make weight at nationals.  I just want to be comfortable and compete fresh.

I’ll be adding in some bike rides and a little more walking into the weekly training plan as well.

As far as diet goes, I’ll probably eat more steak and veggies, less chips and processed foods.  Chips are a big vice for me.


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