Training Week 10

Training Week 10

May 21, 2013

So week 10 is kind of a weird time to start a training log but sometimes you just have to start from wherever you are and here I am (Or was since this was all last week and I’ve been incredibly slow getting this typed up.)

Week 10 for me was a test week so actual training was pretty brief.  Basically, I showed up, tested my 1RM for whatever lift I was doing that day, did some mobility and went home.


Did my usual warm up:  A little rowing, some stretching and foam rolling, a set of bodyweight squats and some dislocates and then went right to work squatting.

385 was the first attempt even though I knew this was absolutely going to be good.  My second attempt at 400 was also something I was pretty sure I was going to get since I’ve gotten it a couple of times now in competition.  After some discussion with my coach, we decided to go 410 even though we’re pretty sure I could have gotten 415.  410 went up pretty easy and set a 5lb PR.  There’s still a little bit of a sticking point right as I come out of the hole but it still felt much stronger than 400 felt even a couple of weeks ago.

410 Squat

And that was pretty much the highlight of my week…….


Same thing as Tuesday.  Warmed up and started benching.

First attempt was 185 and it felt great.  Second attempt at 200 felt a little slower but still good.  And that’s where I got a little greedy.  Instead of hitting 210 which we were pretty sure I could do, we went for 215.  It was a little wobbly and I got it about half way up before it died.  But it was so close we decided to try it again.  The second try looked better but I still only got it about half way up.  I should have just called it there but I’m contrary so I decided to try 210 (which is what I probably should have done anyway) and…..  Nothing.  I was too smoked to get it more than an a couple inches off my chest.


Saturday did not get off to an auspicious start.  When the dogs woke me up at 6am, I realized that something had tightened up in the front of my left hip.  It was so tight I couldn’t actually unbend from the position I’d been sleeping in.  My first thought was “Shit!  What if I can’t deadlift today?”  My second thought was “If I don’t hurry up and get up one of the dogs is going to have an accident.”  I leave it to you to decide if perhaps there’s something wrong with my priorities.

Once I got up and around (yes, before there were any accidents), my hip started to loosen up.  By the time I got to the gym and was warmed up, it felt pretty good.  Almost like there was nothing wrong with it.  I tend to like to do deadlift in bigger jumps so after doing some warm ups at 135, 225 and 315, I hit a single at 365 that felt good and we decided to just go straight to the PR I was going for at 410.

Yeah…… It didn’t really work out……

It came off the floor like I was going to clean it and I got it all the way to my knees before the wheels came off.  I had a small (profanity laced) temper tantrum and tried it again (Did I mention I’m contrary?)  Still no good.  I’m bummed but the reality is that my deadlift in the gym is always kind of iffy and it tends to be much better in competition.  410 would have been a 35lb gym PR for me even though it’s only 2-ish lbs over my best competition lift.

Safe to say that I didn’t get everything I wanted out of my test week but on the whole I still feel pretty good about it.  We learned a lot from the new programming and think we know what needs to be tweaked.  I mostly feel stronger overall which is good.

Back to the gym this week to start the last training cycle before Raw Nationals.



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