Training Week – Feb 13-17

Training Week – Feb 13-17

Feb 17, 2012

Monday – Equipped Bench Press
635 x1
660 x1
685 x1
I think that 700lbs would have went up today!

2 Board Press
675 x3 @9

1 Board Press
645 x3 @9

Lats x4x15


Tuesday – Triceps
Super Close Grip Bench
340 x3x8 @8

Close Stance Raw Squat
225 x10

Good Mornings
135 x3x10



Thursday – Wide Grip Raw Pressing
Bench Press
435 x5x2 @8

Lats x4x15


Friday – Close Grip Bench Press
380 x5x3 @8L

Close Stance Raw Squat – no belt
335 x10



Overall training this week went very well.  Next week is the last heavy week before the Arnold.  Training the bench press 4x per week has its challenges though.  Warming up takes a bit longer due to the residual lactic acid buildup from the day before.  Its slight, but its enough to get me to take my time warming up.  Monday I am looking to do a paused single with 690.  That would put me 13 days out from competition, then you’ll see my training taper slightly at the end of the week.  Competition week, I’ll do a pseudo deload.  My last bench press day will be 2 days before the competition.  This isn’t normal for most bench pressers.  I’ve just found something that works very well for me.  I’ve been benching 4x per week for the last 4 years and have never looked back!


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