Training while traveling?

Training while traveling?

May 24, 2013

I can not wait. I leave in a week for a trip to Scotland, Paris, and Ireland. My wife and I have been planning this vacation for years and I can not believe that it is finally going to happen. It is truly going to be something amazing.

But the only downside is that I will not be able to train during these 2 1/2 weeks going forward toward raw nationals. I know its crazy but I could not miss this opportunity to see what world. So what am I going to do? In the weeks leading up to this trip I did my high volume high intensity cycle, I have done and plan to do another mock meet as well as a last high intensity session all by mid next week.

Now for the shocker. I do not plan on doing much during my vacation except enjoy my time away. To be honest as of lately I have been pretty burnt out. I have been pulling 90+ hour weeks between my 3 jobs, an ass ton of yard work before leaving the country, planning and preparing for this trip, and oh ya training my ass off for nationals. I am shot! My body hurts, my central nervous system is in disarray, and there are days when I want to do nothing more then lay on the couch. I am numb towards training, which is not good knowing what goals I want to reach at nationals.

But this trip will also help with my recovery. I will be able to step away from everything and reset. I will be able to give my body a rest from heavy intense training. I do plan on stretching, doing push ups and air squats daily; at least after the first few days or so!

I hope this trip gets that fire burning again. I hope it helps me regain focus that I have lost in the past few months. I know it will boost my drive. I know I will come back stronger and more determined then ever. Is the road back going to be difficult? Yes it is but if I am not not able to step away, I will be destine to fail. I must reset mentally to preform physically. My mental focus must be strong as my body can accomplish the goals set before it. I must reboot my system so I can go into raw nationals and unleash hell.

I will strive!


IA All Day


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