Traveling to Ottawa Ontario Stop 1 Pow(R) Performance and Nutrition

Traveling to Ottawa Ontario Stop 1 Pow(R) Performance and Nutrition

Jun 3, 2013


The past Thursday evening I had the opportunity to stop by Pow(R) Performance and Nutrition in Livonia, Michigan, and hang out with Dan Allison.  I first met Dan at Progressive Sports Performance in Northbrook, Illinois (see for my review of PSP), before he returned to Michigan.  I saw him again at the 2013 AAPF Nationals just over a month before passing through Michigan and visiting Pow(R) Performance.


[Dan Allison and I at Pow(R) Performance]0

Pow(R) is strictly a private training center focused on sports-specific training, such as programs for hockey and other organized sports.  It does have equipment for powerlifting training as well as well as strongman as several small teams train at the gym.


[New addition to Pow(R)’s facility including strongman equipment]

If you are an experienced lifter and wish to visit the gym, contact Dan Allison through Facebook at


[The main gym including two deadlift platforms, two power racks, bench, dumbbells and plenty of bars, bands and rollers]

Snapshot - 28

[Dan Allison at 2013 AAPF Nationals]

During the visit I did reverse band bench press to 585 lbs with black bands. Five reps bar, 135lb, 225lb, 315lb (Super Ram), Reverse bands at 3 reps 405lb, 2 reps 495lb, and negative 585lb.  Triceps presses, face pulls, and pulldowns.



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