Two Weeks Out 2013 AAPF Nationals and Pro Gym

Two Weeks Out 2013 AAPF Nationals and Pro Gym

Apr 14, 2013

It has been a little while since visiting another gym, so went out to Pro Gym in Oswego, Illinois, on Saturday (April 13, 2013) for a meeting.  Got to watch Louis Ruiz, ‘Doc Robb’ (the owner) and Vince Szafranski training squat along with their team.


Pro Gym is located at 1023 Station Drive, Oswego, Illinois in a small shopping mall, and serves as a mecca for a great many well-known lifters including Ernie Frantz and the Lilliebridges, the leadership for Team Frantz.  Powerlifting is performed in shifts.  The website can be found at


There is a commercial gym with a separate powerlifting area which includes two benches, deadlift platforms and monolifts.  Normally I would participate in the training session, but with the AAPF Nationals a few short weeks away, I cannot change my programming now.

Friday I did bench with the loose (darned) Viking that I will use at Nationals and then attempted the Ace Bencher.  Unfortunately, it is horribly tight and having only been in gear since December, I can only get it as low as a 1.5 board.

Saturday evening was squat night, which went reasonably well.  I hit a gym PR of 665 and we were discussing how far I could go into the 700s with everything moving so well.  We decided the best approach would be to save a little for openers, heal and then hit the AAPF Nationals.  I still cannot believe that it is my raw best (deadlifting) that is what is holding me back in geared lifting!  But, that is the way with powerlifting.

Following the Nationals, my intention is to do some volume work while also breaking in the custom gear I should receive at some near point in the future.  Hopefully I will have time to break in the Overkill bencher for the CanAm.  Lockout above 550lbs is the goal this summer – we shall see!

Good Lifting!


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