Update on Road to Recovery April 7 2014 – 10 Months

Update on Road to Recovery April 7 2014 – 10 Months

Apr 7, 2014


Good news at last!

The doctor asked to make it two months from the last check in February on the left knee, which was this past Friday, April 4, 2014.  The good news is that it appears that the patellar tendon has not stretched any more than it had through February.  For the two weeks leading up to the checkup, which was at the 10 month from injury point, I started putting weight on the knee and using stairs.  However, seeing as I am still on work restrictions, this was done only away from the office.  Weighted leg extensions (ankle weights – 2 and 5 lbs), banded hack squats (no weight yet, other than the sled) and leg press, and kicked off light deadlift at the end of March.  No weighted squat movements or passing parallel at this point, but I do need to strengthen and shorten the left quads for stability.

On April 2, 2014, went ahead and pushed the deadlift up to 225lbs plus chains at ~30lbs each.  I am continuing to deadlift sumo in order to emphasis the quads.

Should everything go as planned, the doctor is expected to pass me for non-parallel box squatting in June and once everything is stable I start preparing for my full powerlifting debut at the APF/AAPF Illinois Powerlifting Championships in 2015.  In the meantime, I am able to move back towards increasing leg drive in my bench-only competitions and training.  Considering that I have now surpassed my competition lifts using my loose bench shirt, and I am approaching my pre-injury weight with the Overkill, all with limited leg drive – this should be interesting.

Next meet – APF Masters Nationals May 31-June1, 2014, near Dallas.



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