Update on #RoadToRecovery

Update on #RoadToRecovery

Aug 11, 2013

It is just shy of 11 weeks from the gym accident. I am definitely back in the gym, but just as definitely in recovery mode!

Monday – I’ve already reported on Monday, but light chest and lots of back at XSport, Lombard, followed by thumb therapy. Scarring is limiting the ability to bend the tip and the middle of the thumb feels like a pad against the bars. Throws off bench, but what the heck, not bad for nearly losing the thumb a few months ago!

Tuesday – Leg therapy! Woo hoo! Made 114 degrees bending the knee! They keep asking me about pain. But, to be quite honest, it just feels like pressure until we hit a ‘hard stop’ due to swelling. Here is to an athlete’s high pain threshold! Prior to the therapy spent half the day walking around a steel mill – yes, with my brace on! How else do you think the doc keeps me from jogging?

Wednesday – Spent all day walking around large (ok, HUGE!) factories, long drives, and a late business dinner. Definitely knew I overdid it by the end of the day!! Did manage to also get into a commercial gym with a co-worker. Benched 225lbs, pulldowns, rows, triceps, shoulders and crunches.

Thursday – Transmuted from awesome athlete to whiny bitch! Leg therapy – exhausted from the past few days and a rather stressful day at work. First time ‘ow’ actually came out of my mouth during therapy. Some more progress (118 degrees, but lost some range). Won’t happen again! I am going after getting my endurance back!

Friday – Collapsed early on Thursday so had lots of rest. Another long work day and then thumb therapy. Worked with Team Stone – bench only and a few crunches – good volume. Ran into my limit at 280lbs (no leg drive) driving from my butt because I cannot load the left leg yet. Video below (I am at about 39 seconds). Apparently I’ve got great BUTT DRIVE!

Saturday – decided to work endurance and took a 90 minute quick limp through the neighborhood followed by a Sunday 45 minute crawl. Actually, good and smooth – the brace helped a few times when the knee got weak, but also prevents the range of motion that I am supposed to have when I walk per the doc and therapists.

Overall, I am following the doctors instructions but only pushing things to the limit that he states. I think I can do more and could probably go OK without the brace, but he still says the knee is ‘mush’ (that is the technical term he used). Hopefully the knee is cleared on the 26th so I can have a little more fun!


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