Jun 24, 2012

Hope everyone out there is doing well and that your training is always moving forward!

Its been good week for Iron Authority.  I received my Square Credit Card Reader in the mail.  That is a really cool thing when I am selling shirts and taking payments from clients.  Its lightening fast!

June 30th is the date of the Powerbody ‘Dominate the Bench Press’ Seminar!  Looks like we have up to 15 attendees.  Its going to be a highly motivational seminar.  This seminar includes lecture and practical sections.  We’ll go over both the raw and equipped side of benching.  Iron Authority sponsored athlete Shaun Bales will be helping as well.  Shaun is doing very well in his training.  Thursday, Shaun destroyed a 655lb bench press.  Its scary how fast he is building his bench press.

I am also putting together many more graphic designs for future apparel.  We just received our ‘WORLD DOMINATION’ Tshirts and they are selling very well, very fast.

Still need to get my online shop up and running.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up with the demand.  I am making a lot of sales already before putting everything online.  Looking forward to it!


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