Updates for Iron Authority

Updates for Iron Authority

Feb 16, 2012

We are currently looking into making a couple of basic inventory purchases that we’ll be selling here on our site!

With that said, we’ll be starting with one hat design and one tshirt design.  They will feature our signature IA logo and our website.  As for when we’ll have them available?  I couldn’t tell you.  Could be 2-3 months, maybe less.  Please be patient.  I want to have good quality products sold on a good quality site!

Other updates include improving the layout of IronAuthority.com.  We’ve added some pages to the top left of the homepage for programs with the intention of putting some solid basic training programs together for readers to follow if they’d like to.  I’ll be working on this in the next month or so.  Of course, if you have a program of your own that you’d like me to post, please email IronAuthority@hotmail.com and type ‘PROGRAM’ in the subject line.

I recently competed my article on Adaptive Reserves which I think anyone who programs or trains should read.  It is thought provoking and easy to understand.

I am also going to look into an account function for users.  I’d like you guys to be able to post on anything throughout the site.  This would make it easier for me to interact with you all.


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