Upper body workout for weeks 4 and 5. Word of the week? STRONG.

Upper body workout for weeks 4 and 5. Word of the week? STRONG.

Jul 26, 2013

Upper body/assistance training for week 4 is finished. Things are starting to gel. It all started with bench on Thursday 7/11. I took off behind the neck presses last week and kicked it back up. I am a strong advocate of behind the necks for developing and strengthening the posterior delts for stabilization. I have done them 4 of the last 5 weeks. Also I did seated front presses.  For tris I did heavy close grip My press movements have been great BUT I did notice this week on the shoulders weight felt slightly heavier then a couple of weeks ago. Maybe it was an off day regardless next week I will NOT be doing any shoulder press movements. I will do some lateral raises with medium weight and give the shoulders and all the press involved muscles a little break.

I do this when I feel maybe my upper body is playing catch up. I’ll back off on shoulder presses of any type BUT my tris and chest workout weight stay the same. I don’t back them down.

My back and bis felt real strong.

K let’s get to it.


Seated  military press ( all the way down to the chest)

165 5 reps

185 5 reps

210 5 reps

230 5 reps

Behind the neck press

165,185,205 5 reps each set

225 4 reps

Machine rows

190,205,220,235,250 all for  5 reps each


275 6 reps

365 5 reps

455 5 reps

485 5 reps

Preacher curls

115 5 reps 2 sets

135 5 reps

155 5 reps

135 5 reps

Hammer curls

65 5 reps

75 5 reps

Rack lockouts(starting point 6”from chest)

315 3 reps within 1 ½ of inner knurl

345 3 reps   “                                       “

405 3 reps  pinky  1 inch from outer ring

425 3 reps   “                                       “


T pushdowns

105 8 reps

120 5 reps

140 5 reps


Another week has passed of training and with the way it started (Bench pr full rep). I backed off slightly with shoulder presses by only doing 3 sets. With the weight increasing on the bench along with the close grip benches and racks I need to pay attention to the shoulder area joints so they are not overtrained. Sometimes it is tough especially when the numbers are going up BUT there is a fine line between doing another set because things are light and doing it because it will help the day of the meet. When I struggle with doing another set or exercise because of ego I ask myself one question, “Do I want a great day in the gym or in the meet?” Enough said.

7/22 and 7/25

Back is feeling super strong and shoulders in this workout felt good, they have felt better.(I mena how weight felt in the hands).

July 22 back shoulders

Lat pulldowns

210,225,240,265,240 5 reps each set

Machine rows

205,220,235,250 5 reps each set


315 6 reps

405 5 reps

475 5 reps

525 5 reps 2 sets

Front bar raises

70,80,90,100 5 reps each set

Behind the neck

165 5 reps

195 5 reps

230 4 reps


7/25 arms

115,135,145,5 reps each

160 4 reps

Standing bar curls

145 5 reps

165 5 reps

Hammer curls

70 5 reps

Racks (about 6”from chest)

335,365 3 reps each set grip within 1 ½” of inner knurl

425,455 3 reps each set  grip pinky within 1” from outer ring

475 2 reps competition grip

Close grip

315 5 reps

355 3 reps

390 5 reps with large ram grip is index finger 3 inches from inner knurl

420 3 reps  “                                        “                                                                   “

225 20 reps


That’s it. Everything is feeling pretty strong and ending the week’s workout with a day an excellent arm workout only builds momentum and the right mindset for Monday……..heavy bench.(salivating)

Focus First.

Thanks to IronAuthority, The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, ATP Extreme, and RockTape for helping me become a better powerlifter!


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