USAPL 2013 Raw Nationals Meet Report

USAPL 2013 Raw Nationals Meet Report

Aug 2, 2013

Another year of Raw Nationals is in the books. If you weren’t there and weren’t watching the live stream (Seriously? Why not?), you definitley missed out.

The crowds were good.  The venue was great overall.  The warm up room was huge, the hotel staff was very nice and helpful and there were plenty of restaurants near by.  And if you stayed in the hotel, the rooms were nice and you didn’t have to get a rental car.

Some highlights:

Kimberly Walford’s 507lb Deadlift

I’m super bummed that I missed seeing this in person.   I saw her get red lit for this weight at Nats last year (even though everyone in the crowd thought it was good) and it’s awesome to see her get it.

Ray Williams’ big miss (410kg)

If you’ve lurked around on the USAPL facebook page or you read the comments on YouTube link, there’s been some talk about him intentionally ditching. Being there and watching it happen……. I don’t know. It went wrong in a hurry. I honestly don’t believe there was any conscious thought involved in what happened. Was it ideal? No. Would it have been better if he’d stayed with the bar. Sure. But moving that kind of weight around (or whatever weight is heavy for you) and pushing your limits, stuff happens. That’s one of the inherent dangers in the sport. There isn’t really any way to predict how and when you’re going to fail. No one, spotters or lifter, was injured and I think we should all be good with that.

And lets not forget that he turned in a monstrous 968kg total.

Jennifer Thompson did what she does.  And left us all feeling inspired and inadequate at the same time.

But aside from the lifts, I think the coolest thing I saw was so many people in one place doing what they love.  Competing with each other and supporting each other.  So much knowledge being shared.  Everyone cheering on big lifts.  Even when that big lift meant they weren’t going to place as high as they wanted to.  This community is amazing and everyone who has helped to make it this was should be proud.

I’m sure there are dozens of cool things that I missed. There were so many lifters, it just wasn’t possible to watch everyone. I wish it had been. Lucky us, there’s a comment section! What was your favorite moment from this year’s raw Nats?

And before I go, here are some pictures of the Iron Authority Team in action and links to their meet reports:

Paul SquatsJack Squats

Melissa BenchesJeremy Squats

Jack BenchesPaul Benches

Jeremy BenchesMelissa DeadliftsJack Deadlifts

Paul DeadliftsJack checks the lightsJeremy gets the Silver

Iron Authority Team at Nats







Meet Reports from the Iron Authority Team:

Jack Dibenedetto

Paul Felder

Melissa Copeland


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