Variations on Bench – The Experiments

Variations on Bench – The Experiments

Sep 2, 2014


^^Marilia Coutinho (Brazil) and I at the Global Bench Wars

I’ve taken a few steps forward and a few steps back.  Between the injury over a year ago, piss-poor training, work and the new gym I’ve been stuck in a rut, not being able to break my present PR in a meet literally all year!  So, what to do?

The first thing I am doing is moving to a different shirt for a while.  I may return to the Overkill, but considering a year of training and only finally touching during a competition – weight variations, not enough work with the shirt, etc. and it is one incredible shirt, don’t get me wrong!  I plan on using it (or, if I drop weight as planned) or a new one in the future.

For now, we are trying out the Inzer Phenom to see what happens.  I am also trying some variations in accessories including replacing some heavy weight back work with band work.  The trial for the shoulder and back work I borrowed from EliteFTS.

Additional accessories I have added that have had an impact:

While continuing to use other dumbbell and barbell movements for the back, shoulders, triceps and core, I have included these.  The results of the band work – ouch!  I did not expect to feel it the next day, but I did!



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