Volume week wrap up

Volume week wrap up

Apr 10, 2013

As I draw to an end of my volume week I have a few insights. First I am looking forward to the end of this cycle because at times it has been grueling. But more importantly I am looking forward to 3 week of intensity. I am looking forward to pushing more heavy weights and going all out in the gym. I am looking forward to seeing how my progress is going so far and how the different exercises have affected my overall “big 3”. I am also going to use this cycle to ramp up to my mock meet week, which will be week 7 of training. During this week I will preform 2 full mock gym meets. My goal is for a PR in all three lifts. If this happens then I know that I am on the right track for nationals.

I have to push these next hand full of weeks hard since I will be going out of the country for 2 weeks at the end of may and unable to train. But I feel if I prepare myself now then I will have just competition prep the last 3-4 weeks before raw nationals.


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