Warming up to a BIG BENCH SHIRT?

Warming up to a BIG BENCH SHIRT?

Jun 20, 2013

I do a quick 5min WARMUP/COOLDOWN that consists of the following.  It is performed nonstop and the reps are varied.  During the cooldown I may add something that I feel that I need.  Weights are light.  Effort is extremely easy.  Designed to wake up my body, prevent injury, and facilitate blood flow.  I try to do this at least 6 days per week.




Torso Twists
Bodyweight Squats
Rumble Roller or Foam Roller
Shoulder Band Retraction – Front
Shoulder Band Retraction – Side
Chest and Shoulder Band ‘Flossing’
Front Raises
Side Raises
Band Pullaparts
Stability Ball Situps
DB Curls
Capt of Crush Grip Work
Bar Bench Presses

I’ve been going on daily walks with Beth.  Bodyweight is down to about 258.  Eating cleaner and feeling good and ready to dominate.

I am also going to start my heavy shirt training this week in a size 54!  Yes…54!  Apparently my 52 is a bit restrictive.  I know that some of the competitors reading this don’t believe me, but that is what I wear.  I have a pretty wide shoulder base that I can pull behind my body and stretch out the chest panel.  It seems to have worked for me before.  I had pressed 720 in it once in training.  Maybe a little more freedom of setup/mobility under the bar will allow me to have a deeper and more rigid setup putting me in a better position to press from?  We’ll see.  I am not sold on the idea yet.  I gotta test it out.

After World’s I decided to pull the trigger on an ER EQUIPMENT Bench/Squat Combo Rack.  I’ll always have it as it will last forever.  It is an IPF approved bench/combo rack.  It will be a good way for me to simulate meet conditions.  I am also starting a Bench Press Group training at my house on some saturdays.  Should be a good time.  I will make and demand my own fate. No more expecting results, time to harvest them.

Took a few weeks off after the IPF Bench Press Worlds.

I am fired up.


Close Grip Bench Press
405 x5 @7.5

Wide Grip Bench Press
385 x10 @8

DB Military Press
60s x3x10 @7


Focusing on my shoulder prehab and mobility.  I’ve had some issues with my right shoulder about 4 inches from lockout on every rep above 225.  Seems structural in nature, not so much soft tissue.  Been seeing my ART guy Scott Underwood and he seems to be figuring it out.  Fingers crossed.


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