Weak Points

Weak Points

Sep 7, 2013


I’m back!!!!! Sorry I haven’t written to y’all in awhile but I’m back fresh off of winning the IPF Junior World Championships, 793,479,793 at 205. Had a pretty good day and you can’t complain when you get the gold, but I came home with a huge glaring weak point that I had not acknowledged in my training. I missed one lift at my last meet, and out of all the lifts it was on deadlift. I had 800 up to my knees, but the bar just stopped moving, and as soon as I walked off the platform I knew I had to work on my lockout if I wanted to take my game to the next level. This is how you become a better lifter, you work on your weak points and deficits until they become your strengths. A couple years ago I was stuck at the 400 mark on bench and could not pass it no matter how many times I bench. My pops pointed out that I needed to work on my shoulders and tri’s to help with my lockout. Since then I have put 30 lbs on my bench each year for the past 3 years. I’ll be the first one to admit that I hate bench, but to be a complete and dominant lifter you have to work on the things that you hate and aren’t good at. If you skip over the things you don’t like, you might not ever reach your full potential as a lifter and everybody wants to reach their potential. Keep Calm and Deadlift On.

Gene Bell Tip of the Day: There’s no excuse not to get better



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