Week 11 Training

Week 11 Training

May 28, 2013

Back to some real work this week after last week’s 1RM testing semi-fiasco.  We’ve made some tweaks to the programming for the last couple of weeks and when I got the e-mail about it on Monday my first reaction was “What are those?”  The response was “Oh those are new.  They’re a lot of fun!”  I’ve since learned that “fun” was not used in the standard way that most of us would expect.


Today’s main lift called for 8 x 3 squats, starting at 235lbs,  increasing every set  with no more than 1 minute rest between sets.  Sets were done at 235, 245, 250, 255, 260, 265, 270, and 275.  With only a minute rest, I basically had time to change the weight on the bar and then take 10-15 seconds to get myself together.  275 is fairly light for me and I had no idea it could feel so heavy.

Assistance work is where things really got interesting though.

bottom squat

I’ve never done bottom up squats.  I’d like to say that I’m never going to do them again but I’m pretty sure that isn’t true.  If you haven’t tried them, they’re………  interesting.  And yes, I’m using interesting in the same way that my coach earlier used the word “fun.”  They’re really kind of awkward to get set up for if you aren’t used to it.  They also pointed out some very obvious issues with my calves.  Coming up on the first rep felt like some sort of vital structure was being violently removed from my leg. (*Disclaimer – I have a tendency to be a bit dramatic.  Sometimes.  Ok.  Most of the time.  I promise that if I actually thought I was going to die or do some sort of actual injury to myself, I would have stopped.  Probably.*)  They felt a little better as I worked through them but still…….  My calves and my lacrosse ball are going to be spending some quality time together.  In the end I did 5 x 3 at 135, 140, 145, 155, and 165.

Reverse Hyper for 3 x 10 at 250lbs.  I live in fear that this thing is going to tip over on me the way it rocks.  So far it hasn’t happened.

Rev Hyper

METCON: 3X20 walking dumbbell lunges with 40lb dumbbells  and 3×12 knees to elbows.  I hate walking lunges and 40lbs might have been a tad overzealous.  Knees to elbows should have been toes to bars but……  I’m still trying to work those out.  Mostly I’m satisfied that I no longer look like I’m holding onto the bar while having some kind of seizure.

We’ve been trying to add some more conditioning back in so Wednesday is now Prowler day.  So 10 rounds of 30m sprints with 110lbs on the sled (making it 185lbs total) with 1 minute of rest between sprints.   First sprint took me about 15 seconds.  Last one took about 22.   This helped a bit with the tightness in my legs from Tuesday but not nearly enough.


Bench was pretty straight forward.  1 set at 140lbs for as many reps as possible but at least 8.  My goal going in was 10-12 and I managed to get 13.

Press was a bit more dramatic.  I was *supposed* to do 3 x 8 at 100lbs.  Yeah……..   I got 6, 6, and 5.  Going to try the same thing next week and if I can’t get 3 x 8, we’ll deload and go from there.

Incline Bench was 4 x 5 for increasing weights (95, 105, 110, 115).  Started a bit light since I was already feeling a bit fatigued.  Probably could have started a bit higher or made bigger jumps.

METCON: Push press 3 x 5 at increasing weights (95, 105, 115),  weighted sit-ups 3 x 5 at 30#, DB Rows 3 x 10 per arm at 50# with only enough rest to add weights to my push press.


This was the first morning I’d woken up still not sore since my Tuesday workout.  Still a little tight but at least I could make it down the stairs without hobbling.

Deadlift 5 x 2 increasing weight every set with no more than 3 minutes of rest between sets.  I was supposed to start this at 320 but my last warm up at 315 felt like ass.  Slow and kind of shaky so I decided to start there instead and thought about just doing the sets across without increasing the weight.  The second set felt much better so I decided to go ahead and go up (315, 320, 325, 330, 335.)  The set at 335 actually felt the best.  I’m starting to wonder if maybe I just need a little more time to warm up my deadlift than I’ve been taking lately.

Deadlifts from mid shin 3 x 8.  I normally hate these.  I really feel like I struggle to get into a good position to pull so we’re starting these a bit lighter to see if maybe I just need to get used to them.  Went 135, 185 and 225 with no real drama.

Front squats were 160 for sets to failure but at least 8.  I got 12 before I got forward coming out of the hole on 13 and dropping it.

METCON:  3 x Max hold planks and 3 x 15 heavy kettle bell swings.  Planks bore me nearly to death and holding the stop watch and watching the seconds slowly tick by makes it even worse (64s, ,71s 49s).  Kettle bells were better.   Sets were at 24kg, 32kg and 40kgs.  I think I may be able to swing the 48kg bell before too much longer.  I feel pretty good about that since it’s the heaviest one we have.

In other news, plane tickets for USAPL Raw Nationals have been purchased and hotel room reservations have been made.  See y’all there!


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