Week 12 Training – All My Problems Are in My Head

Week 12 Training – All My Problems Are in My Head

Jun 3, 2013

I started this week with a head cold.  I thought initially that it was allergies when it started on Saturday but by Monday, I’d realized it wasn’t and by Tuesday morning, I would have taken nearly anything if it would have cleared out my sinuses and let me breathe.  Drug testing be damned….  Of course, I don’t have anything that interesting in my medicine cabinet so instead I loaded up on over the counter cold meds and hoped for the best.


Tuesday started off with one set of squats for as many reps as possible but at least 8 at 275.   My warm-ups felt pretty good so I was thinking 12-15 for the plus set.  Nope.  I got to 10.  Coming up on 10 I realized I was really, really dizzy.  Apparently being able to breath really is important.  Who knew….?  Finished up squats with 5×5 reverse banded squats increasing weight every set (335, 345, 355, 365 and 375)  I know having them banded helped but I’ve never done 375 for 5 so it still felt pretty good.  Also, apparently my body’s sense of self preservation kicked in because I realize that I could suddenly breath out of both nostrils.  It only lasted for the rest of the workout but it was good while it lasted.

Assistance 1:  Weighted Glute Ham Raises 3×10 (body weight to warm up, 10lbs and 25lbs) and Russian twists 3×20 @ 25lbs

Assistance 2:  Banded Good Mornings with the green band 3×15 and BB Box Step ups to a 20″ box, 3×6 per side.  I’ve never done barbell step ups but I figured how hard could they be, right?  Grab the bar just to get a feel for them on the first set and try to do one.  Nope.  Try the other leg.  Still nope.  Well…….  Shit…….  No idea what’s going on with these but I can’t fully extend the knee of the leg that’s on the box with any kind of weight on me.  Much as it sucks, I always find things like this interesting.  I know it isn’t a raw strength problem so now we get to figure out what else is going on.  Did the rest of them with no weight just tying to get everything to play nice.


The head cold had mostly vacated at this point (Thank God!) so this workout was a good bit less dramatic.  Bench was 5×2 starting at 160 and adding weight every set (160, 170, 175, 180, 185).  I can’t think of the last time I’ve done a double at 185 so I’m mostly satisfied with it but they all felt strong so it’s possible I could have been a little more aggressive in my jumps.  Press was a repeat of last week so 3×8 at 100#.  I got the first set of 8 and they felt awesome and fast.  The next to not so much.  I got 6 and 5.  Next week we’ll de-load a bit, cut the volume and start back up.

Assistance 1:  Banded pull downs with the green band at 3×20 and Close Grip Floor press for 3×10 at 75, 90, 100.

Assistance 2:  3xAMRAP push-ups, 3xAMRAP ring rows and 3 x25 sit-ups.  Push-ups were 8, 6, 7 and ring rows were 10 ,9, 11.  I’m not proud of this.  No, the fact that I couldn’t completely feel my arms even before I started doesn’t make me feel any better.

METCON:  I missed Prowler Wednesday because I got stuck at work so I got guilt-ed into doing it Thursday.  5x30m sprints at 255#.  Rest was however long it took two prowler buddies to finish there sets, so basically not enough.



Saturday’s workout ended up happening in two parts.  There was the normal Saturday stuff and then there was the bonus training.

First deadlifts were 8×3 starting at 240 and going up every set with no more than 1 minute rest between sets (240, 250, 260, 270, 280, 285, 290, 295).  Last two sets were much slower than the first couple.  Also, ended up being more like a minute and a half of rest since because it took me too long to wrangle plates and change weights.  Still, these pretty much kicked my ass.  Front squats were testing to see what my new working weight would be for the reset next week.  Went 160# for 13 reps before my shoulders pretty much went numb and packed it in.

Before we talk about my bonus training, we should back up for a second so you know how this happened.  Last weekend, a friend of mine invited me down to do some strongman with her.  Her plan was to play with the big toys, ogle Mike Jenkins (Who is Mike Jenkins?  He’s this guy:  http://70sbig.com/blog/2013/03/interview-with-mike-jenkins/.  He is also one of the largest human beings I’ve ever seen and he’s incredibly nice) who was going to be training there that weekend and “maybe fix your bullshit dead lift.”


“It should be higher.  We were talking about it last weekend.  Everybody thinks you should be able to lift more.”

I would like to be able to argue with her.  I really would.   But she’s right.  So we meandered down to Northern Virginia to play with their toys and get fussed at by new coaches.

Since my partner in crime was testing her squat, warmed (back) up with a little high bar back squat.  Nothing too crazy.  Sets of 5 for 45, 95, 135, and 160 and then a set of 12 at 180.  Moved on to deadlift and worked up to some heavy singles.  Sets of 5 for 155 (because we were too lazy to unload the squat bar) and 225, set of 3 at 275 and singles for 315, 335 and 365.  Totally missed 2 attempted singles at 405.  The verdict on what might be wrong with my deadlift?  Nothing to do with my set-up (except that it takes so damn long).  Apparently, it’s all in my head.

Finished up the day playing with the circus dumbbells and 300lb tire flips.  Since the circus dumbbells filled with shot, the weight shifts around if you don’t keep them balanced so even though they only weighed about 35lbs getting them over head was an interesting challenge.  They were fun until I unbalanced one of them when I tried to push press it and it smacked me in the side of the head, smashing an earring and then shifted forward and cracked my knuckle.  That was enough encouragement for me to call it a day.  Next time……..

Head cold and mental blocks aside, I feel like this week went pretty well.  My energy is good and I’m not super sore which is a nice change.  I do actually feel the deadlifts from Saturday in my hamstrings for the first time in forever so that’s kind of cool.

Next week I promise there will be more pictures since y’all have got to get bored with my wall of text.  I’m also going to watch a coach compete at the Crossfit Mid-Atlantic Regionals and another friend (possibly) play in the LFL Baltimore Charm’s home opener so that should give me plenty of athletic, semi-clothed type things to take pictures of.


****  Disclaimer:  Names have been excluded to protect the innocent (or whatever) and all quotes and conversations are based on my recollection which means they’re loosely paraphrased at best and may have been edited for the readers (or my) amusement. ****


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