Week 13 Training – My Deadlift Needs More Beer

Week 13 Training – My Deadlift Needs More Beer

Jun 10, 2013

Last week was incredibly busy.  It was fun but I’m looking forward to this week being a little more laid back.  I hope.


Off to see my massage therapist and my chiropractor.  I know some of you may be thinking “Wait…..  That’s not training.” and in the strictest sense it’s not but it is also absolutely necessary for my training.  I don’t bounce back like I did when I was 20 and several decades of abuse and office jobs have caused a fair amount of body weird that I have to keep an eye on so my lifts don’t go to shit.  Also, my massage therapist is a sadist so trying to ooze off the table to get away from her while she has her elbow planted in my ass cheek  has to count for some kind of workout.


Squats were 3×2 increasing weight every set.  So after my warm ups of 45×5, 135×5, 225×5 and 315×2, I hit 330, 350 and 365.  Everything felt pretty good.  I had a small pause at the bottom of my second rep at 330 which cause my coach to comment on the fact that these weren’t supposed to be paused.

“I suddenly realized I had to pee.”

This earned me “the look.”  You know this look.  You’ve gotten it from someone at some point.  If you’re a coach, teacher, mentor or parent, you’ve almost certainly given someone this look.

What can I say?  It’s distracting.  This is why I spend a good amount of time at meets in the bathroom.

Next we did some paused squats for 5×5 at 135, 185, 200, 215, and 225lbs, then some reverse hyper for 3×10 at 260lbs for assisstance

METCON: 3 rounds of  BB shrugs for 15 reps (185, 210 and 225lbs), weighted sit ups for 20 reps (35lbs) and split squats for 10 reps per leg at….  I’d like to be able to put some kind of impressively heavy number for these but I can’t.  I suck at them in so many ways.  So first 2 sets were body weight and the last set was holding a 10lb plate out of pure contrariness.


I missed Prowler Wednesday because I was stuck at work again.  I’m starting to think it may be some kind of conspiracy.

Bench was 6×2 starting at 130 and going up every set with no more than 1 minute of rest between sets.  Sets went 130, 140, 155, 165, 175 and 185lbs.  All of this felt good and I feel like if I’d made another bigger jump in the beginning, I could have got 190lbs but I’m still satisfied with the 185 on no rest since that’s usually one of my last heavy warm-ups.  There was no press this week to give me a little bit of a break and get ready to reset it for next week so instead I got Klokov presses for 3×10 at 45, 55 and 60lbs.  I’d like to go heavier on these but they still feel really weird and unfamiliar.  And I was told to keep them light and I do occasionally do what I’m told.

METCON 1:  3 rounds of close grip bench for 8 reps (100, 120 and 135lbs) and knees to elbows for 15 reps.

METCON 2:  3 rounds of bench dips for 15 (these were supposed to be bar dips but I did about 3 before my shoulder got weird so we backed off to something a little less dramatic) and reverse dumbbell flyes for 15 at………  15lbs and these pretty much destroyed me, which is sad and makes me feel bad about myself as a person.


Before we get into Saturdays’s training, I need to say a little bit about Friday night.  Friday night, I got a text telling me that an old friend wanted to get together with a bunch of us for “a beer” before he moves half way across the country this week.  Because we’re those kinds of friends, “a beer” turned into several (like I’m not actually sure how many) beers and a couple of shots.  Embarrassing stories were told, waitresses where taught inappropriate toasts, other customers were annoyed, and I got to bed way later than I normally do.  In short, it was awesome.  Safe travels, my friend (and your ass had better be at Nationals in Denver next year since it’s only like an hour drive and we’ll need to go have “a beer.”)

So Saturday got off to a less than stellar start.  I overslept a bit and woke up with a cat passed out on my face like she’d been the one out drinking.  Dead lift for the day was one set at 320lbs for as many reps as possible but at least 6.  I was a little nervous about this going in since I just haven’t done any real volume at this weight.  Warmed up with 135×5, 185×5, 225×5, 275×3 and 315×2.  Everything felt good at this point and it looks like adding more warm-up sets is definitely the way to go.  Started my working set and got to 6 without any real drama and told myself that everything else was just a bonus so I should relax.  At 8 I was starting to feel a little shaky but 10 is such a nice round number and I figured it would be a shame to quit so close to it.  So I went to 10.  And I didn’t die.  I don’t know if I could have done 11 but it’s possible.  I think it might have been all the beer.

After that I did snatch grip dead lifts for 4×3 at 185, 225 and 275 and 300.  The set at 300 should have been 295 but the 2.5’s from my dead lifts were still laying there and they looked so small and sad and alone.  So I slapped them on the bar too so they wouldn’t be lonely and left out.  SShhhhhh……  Don’t tell anyone.  Then front squats were deloaded this week so 3×5 at 100, 120 and 140lbs.

METCON:  3 rounds of 10 Pendlay Rows (95, 115, and 125), 15 Kettle bell swings (32Kg, 40kg x2) and 20 Sit-ups.  The 2 sets of kettle bell swings at 40kg were a mistake and almost killed me.  I should have done the 32kg twice and then moved up to the 40.

Spent the rest of Satuday at the Crossfit Mid-Atlantic Regionals and the LFL Baltimore Charm home opener.  I know I said there were be pictures but I’m a shite photographer so nothing I took is worth posting.  Both were good times with good friends.



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  1. Nikki /

    I counted 6 beers for you….not counting any you had finished before I got there. Who drinks ‘a beer’?

    • Who drinks “a beer”? Probably the people that move on from there to the shots.

      Also, I’m not sure you’re qualified to count my beers. Do you know how many you had?

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