Week 14 Training – Because Not Every Week Can Be a Good One

Week 14 Training – Because Not Every Week Can Be a Good One

Jun 18, 2013

So if you train for any amount of time, you realize (probably sooner rather than later) that not every week is going to be your week.  Aside from the general soreness and the 1RM fiasco from a couple weeks ago, things have been going really good.  Looks like I was overdue for one of those not so good weeks……..


Tuesday started with acupuncture in the morning.  I know there are people out there (but certainly none of you) that think acupuncture is pure quackery.  It seems to work for me.  Maybe it’s the placebo effect.  Maybe the ritual of it and my believing it does works does the trick and the needles aren’t really necessary.  Whatever.  I don’t actually care how or why it works as long as it does.  I do try not to do anything rehab-ish like this on days that I squat but this week it just didn’t work out that way.

Squats in the afternoon were 6×2 starting at 255 with 1 minute rest between sets and increasing weight every set.  So sets were 255, 265, 275, 285, 295 and 305.  These started feeling bad on my warm ups.  By the time I got to about my second working set, my hips were super tight.  I spent the rest of the afternoon stretching in an attempt to get my hips to release the hostage they had taken (also known as my lower back.)

Assistance:  5 x 5 Bottom up squats at 135, 150, 160, 170 and 185lbs.  In addition to my hips acting up, these also drove home the fact that there is still bad stuff kicking around in my calves.

METCON:  3 Rounds  of 12 Glute Ham Raises (BW, 5, 10lbs), 12 steps dumbbell walking lunges (50lbs DBs because I hate myself), 8 barbell hip thrusts (135, 165, 165).  None of these really made anything feel better.

Bonus round:  100 sit ups.  These actually did make my hips feel quite a bit better.

And to add insult to injury, by the time I’d driven home and started dinner, my hips felt great and had completely loosened back up.  This is BS.


Finally got out of the office in time to make it to the gym only to find out that Prowler Wednesday was cancelled in favor of dragging the sled because “The prowler was running like shit” in the heat and humidity.  If you’ve never played with the prowler, I can tell you that the weather has a huge impact on how well it goes.  Cooler is better as long as it isn’t so cold you can’t breath.  Why would a weighted sled run better?  It doesn’t.  But when you’re late you get to live with the consequences of other peoples decisions so……

4 x 40 and 40 sled drags dragging the sled up the hill behind you and then back down the hill walking backwards, increasing weight every round (65, 110, 155, 200).  Downhill was definitely the worst.  Rest was however long it took everyone else to finish their rounds since the 4 of us were sharing one sled.

Finished with 4 x 40 sprints.  Nothing dramatic here.


Bench was  1 set for as many reps as possible (but at least 6) at 160lbs.  I got 8 and I feel like I could have gotten more.  The 9th rep got a little weird and I just wasn’t able to save it.

I then stood up from the bench and got incredibly dizzy.  I realized at that point that all I’d had to eat was a light lunch and some fruit right before I left the office for the gym because I’d been too busy to eat.  There’s a name for this particular dietary strategy.  We call it “Stupidity.”  This made the rest of my work out unnecessarily hard.

Followed bench with 4 x 6 Press at 75lbs and then 3 x 15 Extended Range of Motion Push Ups on the parallettes.

METCON:  3 Rounds of 12 dumbbell flyes (25, 25, 30), 15 GHD Sit Ups and 8-2 fat bar bench with the axle (115 x 8, 135 x 8 and 165 x 2).  The goal with the axle was to work up to a weight were I could only do 2 or 3 reps on the last round.  Mission accomplished.  Kind of surprised that they went to hell so quickly though.

Bonus Round:  100 Banded triceps push downs.  The first 30 were OK aside from the burning.  After that it got kind of interesting.  On 41 or 42, I realized that no matter how hard I tried to extend my right arm, I couldn’t completely straighten my elbow.  Hmmmmmmm……..  The rest were done in sets of about 10 because that was were my right arm got weird.

By the way, it is not advisable to try and drive yourself home if you don’t have enough control of your arms to scratch your own nose.  Especially not if you’re also trying to eat a banana and finish a protein shake.  Trust me on this…


Woke up with my hips feeling good and with mostly in control of my arms with just a little soreness all ready to dead lift.  Dead lift was 3 x 2 starting at 340 and working up every set.  Adding in more warm up sets seems to be helping a lot so I’m going to do it.  340 and 360 felt really good and 375 was a little slow but still worked out but…….  On my first rep at 375, just as the bar passed my knee I heard a loud pop from my right pinky.  Finished the set anyway, put down the bar and realized the my pinky was already starting to swell and it hurt to make a fist.  What the hell……?  OK…  You don’t really use your pinky for anything so it’ll be fine, right?  Right?!?!  Turns out you do use if for all kinds of things you don’t realize.

Assistance:  3 x 10 RDLs at 135, 160 and 185lbs.  The grip in my right hand gave out on the first set so everything else had to be done with straps.  Then did 5 x 5 Front squats at 155lbs followed by a max rep set where I needed to get at least 5.  I got 8 out of pure contrariness.  I helped a lot that I didn’t have to grip anything.

METCON:  3 rounds of 15 DB shrugs at 60#, 15 Knees to Elbows and 15 weighted back extensions on the GHD (BW, 10, 25lbs).  The shrugs and knees to Elbow felt horrible and probable didn’t do anything to help the swelling in my finger.

As of today, the pinky is still swollen and I’m not sure that I can actually pull any substantial weight with it as it is.  Looks like we’ll spend the next couple of weeks babying it along and lifting with straps and hoping it heals enough to get through my attempts at Nationals.  Worst case scenario, I dead lift like I drink my tea.  Properly.



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  1. Trisha /

    I enjoy reading about your training week! I hope I get to train like this once my kids are a little older! Doing what I can to build strength until then! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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