Week 16 Training – Clumsiness and Bad Math Skills

Week 16 Training – Clumsiness and Bad Math Skills

Jul 1, 2013

So here we are.  Three weeks out from USAPL Raw Nationals.  I know some of you are saying “Wait, it’s only 2 weeks” and it kind of is.  But I’m supposed to lift on Sunday so we’re calling it 3.

This is about the time that I start thinking about all the random ways I could get injured on a daily basis that would keep me from competing.  I have a recurring dream that I’ve had before every meet or tryout since I tried out for the local roller derby team (Yes, I made it.  No, I’m not still skating.)  In this dream, I go to let the dogs out in the morning, trip over at least one cat in the dark and break both ankles and occasionally a wrist for good measure a week or so before the meet.


No, she would never trip me……

I seriously have no idea where my brain comes up with this stuff but it’s pretty annoying.  This time around, it seems my subconscious isn’t content with just letting me have weird dreams and has begun using my natural grace and coordination against me as well.  So far this week, I’ve stabbed myself with a knife trying to get the pit out of an avocado, smashed my pinky (yes, the same one) in the lever of my belt and cut it open and failed to exit the reverse hyper with the appropriate sense if urgency and let the weights smack me in the knee.  None of this is going to keep me from training but…… OW!


This was my final heavy squat day before Nats.  When I looked up my training for the day it called for singles at 355, 365 and 375.  These felt too low to me.  I know that the intention of this week isn’t to max and if I wasn’t going into a meet, I wouldn’t be worried about it.  But I am.  And I definitely wanted to get a good solid feel for where I really am.  Pointing this out to my coach got me smirked at (I’m still not sure if it was “trust the training” or “I knew you’d say that”) but we agreed that I could go heavier as long as I stopped as soon as stuff got weird or I hit above 400.  Which ever came first.  Warm ups were 45 x 5, 135 x 5, 225 x 5, 275 x 3, and 315 x 1 and they all felt really good.  Went a head and started the working weights at 355, then worked to 375, 395 and finally 405.  405 was my max before the Arnolds and it was ugly.  So ugly that we’ve never gone higher than 402-ish in a meet.  Today?  If felt awesome.  Fast and steady.  Almost like it could be an opener.  (Almost.  If I knew I wouldn’t come down with a case of the yips on my first lift which I nearly always do.)  Feeling like it did, I now pretty firmly believe that I am where I wanted to be going into the meet.

Last 405 Squat

Next was 4 x 3 reverse band squats (355, 365, 375 and 385.)  They felt a little heavy towards the end but not too bad considering.

And finished up the day with 3 rounds of 10 reverse hyper at 270lbs, 15 knees to elbows, and 12 glute ham raises.  The glute ham raises were supposed to be weighted but that just wasn’t going to happen after all of the squats.


Bench was 5 x 2 with no more than 1 minute of rest between sets starting at 140 and working up.  My goal was to finish at least at 185 but ideally at 195.  Sets were 140, 155, 170, 185 and……195lbs.  The set at 195 felt better than the set at 185.

Press was a relatively un-dramatic 4 x 6 at 85lbs.  I’m a little bummed that I won’t get back to 100 before Nats but I think I’ll probably get over it.

Assistance:  3 rounds of 10-15 dumbbell bench press and 10 ab wheels.  None of this went like it should.  Realized on the first set of ab wheels that my elbows just weren’t going to have it so I swapped them out for 20 sit-ups.  I started the DB bench press at 35lbs and they went OK.  Went to 40 and they got a little dicey.  At this point I thought about just sticking with the 40’s but my Ego just knew we could do 45’s.  Yeah…..  Turns out my ego is a lying bitch and she bailed on me completely on the 4th rep which almost fell on my face.  Luckily, my sense of self preservation is pretty good and….ummmmm……other body parts were sacrificed instead.  I still finished the last 6 to get 10 for the set but it wasn’t pretty.  After that, 3 rounds of 10 reverse flyes at 15lbs, 10 push-ups and 10 front raises also at 15lbs.  I went home not really being able to feel my arms.


Dead lift for the day was 1 set at 340lbs for as many reps as possible.  Warmed up with 135 x 5, 185 x 5, 225 x 5, 275 x 3 and 315 x 2.  I managed to get 7 reps at 340.  When I had to hitch on the last rep, we decided to call it a day even though strength-wise, I probably had 1 or 2 left.  Looking at the video, I’m not really thrilled with my form.   Here, judge for yourself:

340 DL X 7

I feel like I could have been tighter and they could have just looked stronger over all.  On the upside, I’m now able to deadlift without straps though so I guess I’ll take what I can get.

Front Squats got tested this week so my working set was 1 set at 190 for 5+.  I should have known these were going to be a problem pretty early on.  Warm-ups were 95 x 5, 110 x 5, 135 x 3, 155 x 2, 165 x 1,………

“Hey Coach!  I can’t get to 180.”

Looks at me, looks at the bar, looks back at me……”Like mathematically?”


“Two 1o’s and a 2.5.”

Look at him, look at the bar…….”Shit…..” (This is why power lifters aren’t allowed to load their own bars in competition.)

…….180 x 1.  Went 190 x 6 on my work  set.  I thought.  Then I went to unload the bar and realized I’d forgotten to put the 2.5 on the right side.  Fail.   So 187.5 x 6.

Finished up the day with 3 x 5 deficiet snatch grip deadlifts at 185, 225 and 275.  Then 3 rounds of 10 shrugs at 185, 225 and 255, 20 weighted sit-ups at 40lbs and 15-20 stiff leg deadlifts at 95, 115 and 135 (only did 15 for the last set.)

So on the whole this was a really good week for me (injuries aside.)  Looking forward to my last heavy dead lifts next week that will hopefully go as well as my squats did this week.


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