Week 18 Training – The End

Week 18 Training – The End

Jul 15, 2013

So here we are.  The last week of training before Nationals.  This makes me a little anxious because it means there’s no more time.  No more time to work out whatever weird form stuff might come back and bite me in the butt.  No more time to really clean up my diet and eat better.  No more time to lose a couple pounds.  No more time to start walking more to counteract all the siting I do at work.  No more time to let my pinky heal.  Not even really any more time to gain any real strength.

The last week of training for me is kind of like cramming for a test.  If you don’t know most of it by now, you’re not going to learn it all in one night.  Which means you’re pretty much screwed.  I’ve gained all the strength I’m going to through training.  Any more strength I’m going to get is going to come from letting my body rest and recover from the last 8 weeks or so since I had a de-load.

And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to a rest week for once.  Everything hurts right now and any bits that somehow don’t hurt, are just tired.  Of course this plays perfectly into the pre-meet paranoia that every ache, pain, tightness or weird is the symptom of some catastrophic injury that’s going to at least effect my performance and at most keep me from lifting ever again.  No, it doesn’t matter that my hips nearly always feel a little bit wonky or that the cat pretty routinely hijacks my pillow in the middle of the night leaving me with a stiff neck.  Nope.  This time it’s serious.  I believe I mentioned that I have issues……………


My last real squat workout.  It should have been simple.  One set of 2+ at 330.  But it wasn’t.  According to my training log, it was supposed to be 1 x 10 at 330.  I had some reservations about this but I figured the 10 was probably more like a cap than a minimum but I figured whatever, I should get at least close.  I started warming up and everything just felt off.  Nothing felt balanced and even 225 felt heavy.  Basically, it felt like poo.  Soooooooo………  I started my working set and the first 3 reps or so actually felt pretty good.  Better than I’d expected them to.  4 and 5 were a little dicey.  I went down for 6 and just couldn’t get back up.  One of my spotters said that every rep, my chest got a little lower and then on the 6th it looked like I’d lost all tension at the bottom of the squat.  Kind of like I’d been deflated.  I thought about doing another set to finish out the 10 but decided it just wasn’t worth it.  So what about the 1 x 2?  I found out on Thursday that the 1 x 10 was actually a typo and it should have been 1 x 2 all along.  Meaning anything over 2 was a bonus.  Suddenly my 5 didn’t seem nearly as bad as they felt.

The rest of the day went pretty quick.  5 x 3 bottom-up squats for 135, 150, 160, 175 and 190.  Luckily, going up in weight on these doesn’t make them suck anymore.  Of course it doesn’t make them suck any less either.

Finished with 3 x 15 GHD sit-ups and 3 x 10 reverse hyper at 270.  I am starting to think the hyper has developed a taste for blood.  I learned my lesson a couple weeks ago about the proper way to dismount the thing and somehow I still managed to swing the weights into my shins while untangling my feet from the strap and scratch my ankle on the collar.

It looks like it might be possessed, doesn't it?

It looks like it might be possessed, doesn’t it?


Before we get to Thursday, we should talk about Wednesday night.  I came home from work Wednesday evening, laid down on the couch….. and lost 3 hours of my life.  Apparently I was tired.  I was still tired when I woke up.  By the time I finished eating dinner and went back bed, I had a pretty good headache.  Thursday morning it was still there but it was better.  By the time I left work for the gym, it felt like someone was trying to dig out my brain with a dull spoon.  I told myself that caffeine makes everything better, slammed my pre-workout and headed off to the gym.

This was my last heavy bench day.  Just 3 singles starting at 180 and working up to whatever we felt comfortable with.  I wanted to hit at least 205.  I’ve gotten it a couple of times before but it’s always been a little weird.  180 felt good.  195 was fine.  At this point, we decided that I needed to hit whatever my real end goal was next instead of hitting 205 and then trying something heavier so we went for 210.  I missed it a couple of weeks ago and I wanted it pretty badly.  So here it is…..

210 Bench

Next was 4 x 6 press for 95lbs and close grip bench for 3 x 15 (at 95, 100 and 100).  Finished up with 3 x 15 knees to elbows and 3 x as many as possible push-ups (7, 7, 8).


Welcome to my last training day.  It was actually a pretty short day since there were no front squats and we cut a good bit of the assistance stuff as we ease into next week’s recovery phase.  Dead lift was 5 x 2 with one minute of rest between sets.  For some reason, I had it in my head that these were supposed to start at 260 and that’s what I did.  Sets were 260, 265 (because I can’t add), 275, 285 and 300 (to make up for my earlier math issue).  Everything felt good and fast and I didn’t have any problems with my pinky.

Then there was 3 sets of 10 glute ham raises (BW, 10, 25) and 10-15 dumbbell rows.  Except I missed the fact that the dumbbell rows were dumbbell rows.  Even though I wrote it down correctly in my log.  So the first set was 15 barbell rows at 135 before my coach realized what I was doing and corrected me.  Then it was a set of 15 at 45lbs and a set of 12 at 60lbs.

Finished out the day with 3 sets of 25 sit-ups and as many ring rows as possible (7, 10, 12).


And that’s it.  All the hard work is done.  My only job for the next week is to rest and recover.  I did a little yoga on Sunday (which is totally normal but I don’t normally write about), took (another) long nap.  I’ll squat and bench a little bit early next week just to keep everything loose and probably work some commands but I won’t lift anything over about 50% of what we think my maxes are.  Everything else will be mobility work to clean up the last bits of weird.  I can honestly say this is the best I’ve felt going into a meet probably ever.

Since I won’t be posting anything again until I come back……..  If you’re down watching Nats and see me, pop over and say “Hi!”  Don’t let the fact that I might look a tiny bit unfriendly deter you.  I’m not unfriendly, I’m just incredibly, painfully shy.


And I might be quietly freaking out a little.  So I definitely welcome the distraction.  See y’all at Nats!



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