Week 2 off to a great start with 610 being handled…….

Week 2 off to a great start with 610 being handled…….

Jul 19, 2014

Second bench workout is done. Again a great workout by hitting a 2 board pr (NOTE this means nothing in the midst of training outside of being a pr, a gain. This is a full rep meet so that is what is important). I am using the 2014 Bench Worlds and 2013 Bench Nats as templates on what numbers to use. I am upping the high end sets by 5-15 pounds from the previous bests. I am referring to the second gear workouts of both previous meets as next week I will be referring to the 3rd workouts of those meets to dictate my workout. I am paying close attention to how I feel during and after so I don’t over train. You will notice last week I did 10 sets on the bench but nothing else so to offset that overload I did ZERO raw sets after the shirt BUT did 3 sets of incline that I have not done for over 3 weeks.

Unlike last week I cut some reps down so I can add a set with heavier weight. A total of 5 shirted sets ending with a one board set which went smooth. Also worth mentioning the one board set almost didn’t happen because left hand was numb I was concerned. I managed to rush into the set before additional time impeded the set. If I can hit a weight with a numb feeling then NO doubt I can do it with no obstacles.

As mentioned last week I will give post my arm workout from last week which was done last Tuesday.

Off to the workout or here is the vid.


July 19 chest


335 3 reps raw

365 1 rep raw

405 1 rep to a 2 board raw( I like to feel the weight raw before going into a shirt)

510 3 reps to a 3 board(shirt)

550 1 rep “                            “

590 1 reps 2 board

610 1 reps 2 board

570 1 rep 1 board


225 5 reps

275 5 reps

315 3 reps

July 15 arms



110,130,150 5 reps each

170 3 reps

Preacher curls

45,60 5 reps each set

Tricep pushdowns

110 5 reps

125 5 reps

135 5 reps

150 5 reps

Rack presses 4-5” above chest


285,355 3 reps narrow

395,420 3 reps medium grip

445 3 comp grip

Close grip bench

255,300 5 reps each set

340 4 reps

350 3 reps



Till next time….

Focus First.

Thanks to IronAuthority, The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, ATP Extreme, and RockTape



I want to thank Titan Support. The gear is flat out the best and if you fail it is your fault not the gear.

Till next time.


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