Week of LIFTING!

Week of LIFTING!

Dec 2, 2013

I got the all clear to lift normal again from my neurosurgeon!!  So excited!  Here’s what I did this week!

Sunday: Chest and Tris.  Everything was a superset with the exercise following it.  Downward Cable Flyes: 3×10 at 12.5lbs; Chest Press Machine: 3×12 at 50lbs, 60lbs, and 70lbs.  Chest Flye Machine: 3×12 at 40lbs; Horizontal DB Raise: 3×12 at 20lbs, 25lbs, and 30lbs.  Tricep Kickback: 2×12 at 10lbs, 1×10 at 10lbs; Overhead Extension: 3×12 at 20lbs, 25lbs, and 30lbs.  Straight Bar Pushdown: 3×12 at 20lbs, 25lbs, and 30lbs; Overhead Cable Extension: 3×12 at 15lbs.  Then I did a few sets of pushups with each hand on a medicine ball and knees on the floor.  I did 3 sets of 10.  I finished with a 15 minutes cycling video and 3×10 leg raises.  All in all, it felt good for a Sunday workout.  I missed Thursday and Friday of last week, so I made up for it on Saturday and Sunday.  This was the beginning of my week!  Not a bad way to start out!  My abs were sore after those 3 sets of leg raises.  I can tell I haven’t worked them in a while!

Monday: Back, Shoulders, Bis.  Military Press: 1×6 at 25lbs, 2×6 at 30lbs; Later Raises: 3×25 at 5lbs.  Arnold Press: 1×6 at 20lbs, 1×6 at 25lbs; Front Raises:  2×25 at 5lbs.  To be honest, I don’t remember why I only did 2 sets of these instead of 3.. hm..  Reverse Curls: 3×10 at 10lbs.  Straight Bar Curls: 3×8 at 20lbs.  Incline Curls: 3×10 at 15lbs; EZ Bar Curls: 3×8 at 28lbs.  Assisted Pull Ups: 4×6 with 80lbs of help.  V-Bar Pulldowns: 1×25 at 40lbs, 2×25 at 35lbs;  One Arm Rows: 3×8 at 20lbs.

Tuesday: Legs.  Disclaimer:  this workout was stupid good.  If you love to torture yourself and you want to feel sore the next day, but not bad enough you can walk or sit or stand.. this is it.  Awesome workout!  Squats: 4×12 at 65lbs, 4×12 at 75lbs, 4×12 at 85lbs.  Yes you counted correctly – that’s 12 sets of 12! 🙂  Leg Curl: 5×12 at 30lbs, 5×12 at 20lbs.  Doesn’t it just keep getting better?  Leg Extension: 10×12 at 30lbs.  Leg Press Calf Raises: 6×12 at 100lbs.  It was wonderful.  Got a little lengthy – not in time, in focus –  but it was still a lot of fun.  I could definitely come back to this one!

Wednesday: Short and sweet Chest and Tris.  Chest Flye Machine:  6×12 at 30lbs; Flat Bench Chest Press: 6×12 at 15lbs.  Skullcrushers: 6×12 at 15lbs in each hand; Rope Pulldowns: 6×12 at 15lbs.  I tried to replicate my previous, fantastic leg day.  I didn’t work as well with supersets and chest/tris.. Oh well!  Still an ok workout.  Yes, that was it.  Weird, I know.

Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!  Back, Shoulders, and Bis.  I got up early this day and made it to the gym before turkey time.  I had forgotten my access card to the gym I go to, so I put a post on Facebook if anyone around my folks’ home would have one and let me borrow it.  I woke up to a text message from a friend saying her mom was at the gym and would let me in.  Let’s just say I’ve never woken up and put on workout clothes so quickly!  Lol.  I didn’t even need a warm up, I bolted out of bed and to the gym!  Anyway..  we tried again the sets of 12 reps..  This one seemed to go better..  Seated Row: 8×12 at 30lbs.  Lat Pulldown: 5×12 at 50lbs, 3×12 at 45lbs.  EZ Bar Curls: 4×12 at 28lbs, 4×12 at 23lbs (the EZ bar weighs 18lbs.. weird).  Hammer Curls: 1×12 at 12lbs, 3×12 at 10lbs, 4×12 at 7.5lbs.  EZ Bar Military Press: 8×12 at 23lbs.  Lateral Raises: 4×12 at 5lbs.  Here again, I think I had focus problems.  It just got long.  This only took me an hour – so no longer than normal.  There just something about supersets that makes things more fun/mentally quicker.  It keeps you moving.  This worked, my muscles were sore, but by lateral raises – I was done.

Friday: Appointments at Mayo!  Day off for doctor stuff and some shopping on the way home. Thank goodness for JCPenney’s and workout clothes on sale!  All clear to workout =  going heavy tomorrow!

Saturday: Legs again!  This one still hurts.. Squats: 6×6 at 95lbs-145lbs in 10lb increments; Hamstring Curls: 1×25 at 40lbs, 5×25 at 30lbs.  Stiff Leg Deadlifts: 1×6 at 85lbs, 5×6 at 95lbs; Leg Extensions: 1×25 at 20lbs, 5×25 at 25lbs.  Vertical Leg Press: 4×20 at 90lbs; Barbell Lunges on Smith Machine: 4×6 each leg at 65lbs.  I took deadlifts easy/lighter because I haven’t done them in 2 months.  Let’s just say I feel it.  The hamstrings are tight.  Going to be stretching these out all week.  [Side note: every time I try to write “lunges”, I always seem to write lunches.  Lol.  I’m not even hungry..]

That was my week!  Back at it tonight after work.  Feels good to be back.  My legs may not agree with me, but I feel so much better with some weight on the bar!


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