Weekly Update

Weekly Update

Mar 19, 2012

What a week!!!  We attended the 2012 Missouri State Powerlifting Championships this past weekend.  Brad Gillingham was in the house and put together a massive total to qualify himself for the Raw Nationals.  We posted a picture by picture sequence of it here.











Dana Rosenzweig of the Belleville Weightlifting Club hit yet another personal best in the bench press with a lift of 217.5 kilos or 479 lbs.  What makes this even more remarkable, is that Dana is in his mid-fifties.  Dana continues to defy age and his best lifts are yet to come.  Dana is the coach for the United States Masters World Bench Press team.  









Others from the BWC did very well also.  Josh Hunt lost about 30lbs from last year and improved his Wilks total!  Tom Scagliarini continues to muscle up squats that take about 30 seconds to complete…amazing.  Andy Odenwald did very well despite having a difficult training cycle.  Tim Hobby barely missed his last deadlift for a PR total.  Dwayne Winkler (former Olympic Lifter) had a rough day, but he only trains about 4 months out of the year and always does well.  Gerald Portz is still trying to figure out his shirt and when he does, he’ll lift well for a masters lifter.

There were over 80 lifters over two platforms.  Lots of friendly competition.  Myself and about 4 others from the BWC were there to judge, spot/load, and help with many of the competition functions.  We do need a few more guys to become state refs.  There is no better seat at these competitions than in a ref chair.  I love it.

I was able to go over some gear considerations with many of the lifters at the competition that should throw many pounds on their lifts.  Sometimes it isn’t about the tightest gear, but about perfecting your technique in that gear.  Many lifters are strong enough to handle heavier weights, but don’t have the finesse to make their lifts competition legal.  It takes some work in the gear, with solid training reps, keeping your ego out of the equation.  There is nothing more disappointing to me when I see strong lifters miss weights due to poor training habits.  These lifters are fully capable, but lack the training discipline to succeed when it matters most…IN COMPETITION!

We ended up selling about half of our hats and a few of my ringer (bulletproof) tshirts.  Making for a good profit.  Hopefully will get to purchase some better merchandise before the next competition.  You’ll see some of the hats in the pictures below.

Later on this week, I have a family reunion of sorts and a meeting with Chiseled 1 Fitness Owner Chris Gilbert!



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