Weekly Update

Weekly Update

Mar 27, 2012

Where to begin!?!  Iron Authority is growing by leaps and bounds worldwide.  We have readers from even more countries than ever…49 in total!  This is well beyond anything we had imagined.  Thank you for your continued support.

There are a lot of things in development for Iron Authority, Inc.  We are still working on the online shopping cart.  This may take a while.  We are trying to sell as much merchandise at local competitions as possible to help us purchase more merchandise and offer you a wider variety of products.  (If there is anything you’d like to see us sell, just post in the comments.)

We will be purchasing some Tshirts, small promo products, more hats, etc.  We just want to make sure that what we sell is premium and not crap.  After all we really want you to wear our brand proudly.

We are working on a partnership with Chiseled 1 Fitness and the owner Chris Gilbert.  We met on Saturday to discuss the future and what our businesses were all about.  It was a very refreshing meeting.  It is uncommon that I find someone else with a similar mindset, similar goals, with a similar attitude about health and fitness.  This guy has a good thing going and if you have a fitness goal and need to be directed in the right direction, ‘Carve out your goal’ and visit Chiseled 1 Fitness.  This company, much like our own is constantly evolving, and is focused on you.  Chris offered many great ideas to us and we will try to implement some of them in the near future.

Chiseled1 is a resource to start the path to your goal. Whether it’s losing weight, getting stronger, gaining muscle, powerlifting, bodybuilding/figure, sport specific conditioning, running a marathon, or just finding a gym, Chiseled1 is here to help. Please browse the site to find the tools to help you carve out your goal.

Finding the right trainer, fitness advisor, or diet coach can be challenging. Unless you are already familiar with the fitness industry, getting started may seem intimidating.  Chiseled1 is your source to get started.




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