Weekly Update

Weekly Update

Apr 1, 2012

Another week of progress with Iron Authority.  Broke the 50 country reader barrier!  Made some cash deposits at the bank.  Looking to order some more shirts within the next two weeks.  We’ll keep these simple.  IA logo on the front, and our new slogan “Don’t Just Raise the Bar, Bend It” on the back.  OR something different on just the front of the shirt.  If anyone has seen my Bulletproof T-Shirt, it could look a little similar to that.

This past week was also the first time that Owner Brady Stewart has bench pressed 700lbs in training with room to spare.  BIG thanks to Titan Support Systems.  That Super Katana is something out of this world!  Just need to make sure he is recovered for this coming Monday!  705 is the plan.  We’ll see how that goes.

We also added some USAPL / IPF Resource links to our EXTRAS tab.  Here you can find direct links to lifter classifications, world, national, and american records, USAPL lifter’s corner, calendars, and facebook pages.

We also added a Diet/Supplementation tab within our Articles section.  In it you will see our first diet article/e-book by Dr. John Berardi of Precision Nutrition.  It is about the new dieting concepts of Intermittent Fasting.  It is a good read and will expand your knowledge on dieting with a different set of rules.

I also ordered a custom sublimated singlet (from worldsoldestsport.com) for my 4Life Convention Demo.  I have a Team 4Life  demo on Friday, April 20th.  I’ll be performing one of my basic training sessions for the representatives.  Niko Huslander will be on site with his crew giving handoffs and spotting!


We are also proud to announce that IAN BELL will be Iron Authority’s April Athlete of the month!  Ian Bell is a 2 time GPC Arnold Classic Pro Deadlift Champion.



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