Weekly Update

Weekly Update

Apr 10, 2012

This week has been a very productive week for Iron Authority.  We put in a large order of apparel and will try to get some screen printing done over the next two weeks.  Tshirts, Vnecks, and ladies tees.

The 4Life singlet has come in the mail.  It looks really good and will represent the company very well.  The way training went last night, it should be a good show!

With that said, the demo has taken a bit of a turn.  There have been some coaching/lifter changes for the 2012 United States World Bench Press team.  There is a chance that I’ll be on the team.  So, I had my passport renewed in hopes that I’ll get the phone call to attend the 2012 IPF World Bench Press Championships held in Pilsen, Czech Republic.  Pilsen apparently is the Birthplace of PILSNER!!!  I like beer very much.  The Czech Republic apparently drinks more beer per capita than any other country in the world…something like 8 beers per day…per adult.  I hope that statistic is correct.  My apologies if it isn’t.  If I do get selected, I’ll likely fly out April 22 and come back 7-9 days later.  I would lift on May 26 in the 120k/264lb class.

Last nights training:
Equipped Bench Press
650 x1
680 x1
710 x1

2 Board
710 x3

1 Board
680 x3

Doesn’t get much better than that!

The 4Life Convention will be the biggest event of the year for Iron Authority.  We’ll be flying into Philly for the International Convention on April 18 and back on the 22nd.  Big thanks to Joshua ‘Cinnabear’ Hunt for making the trip with me.  The friendship and camaraderie is greatly appreciated.  Everyone needs friends like you brother.

We will be putting together some lifting seminar locations and dates.  The first will likely be in Harrisburg, IL.  If you are interested in booking one, email IronAuthority@hotmail.com with your questions.

Also, we finally got our April 2012 Featured Athlete Article published on the site!  April’s athlete of the month is IAN BELL!

See Ian’s Iron Authority Article: 2012 GNC PRO DEADLIFT CHAMPION: IAN BELL

See Ian’s Iron Authority Poster: IAN BELL POSTER


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