Weekly Update

Weekly Update

Apr 28, 2012

It has been a while since we’ve done an update.  We have some internet issues at the house.  Got a new modem after a few days and had to reconfigure our wireless network.  FUN STUFF!

Last week I did a bench press demo at the 4Life Passport to Freedom Convention.  You can read all about it here.  I had a great time in Philadelphia.  Hit a 715 press, met a ton of people, and had a great life experience.  Big thanks to 4Life for their continuing help and support!  See Photo Gallery.

We’ve also announced our first sponsored athlete Shaun Bales!  Shaun is a great addition to the team.  He is a stand up guy and strong as a bull.

I made a trip to a local screen printers to get our apparel printed.  Costly, but will be well worth it.  When you purchase a shirt from us, it will be of the best quality.  We won’t disappoint.

We purchased an inventory system to help us track our sales and inventory.  FINALLY!

I am trying to set up a bench press seminar in Harrisburg Illinois after the USAPL Illinois State Meet with the Motsingers.  Hopefully will draw a crowd, but if not, the people who show up will definitely learn how to put some LBS’s to their presses.

I am also hoping to set up another Bench Press seminar with Powerbody Gym of Missouri.  This place has a very successful powerlifting club.  I’d really like to be able to shed some light on how I’ve been able to press so much at such a light bodyweight.

These two seminars will likely cost the individual $20, but they will get a very professionally presented seminar.

There will be a lot to go over at these seminars, but will be worth the time investment.  If you are interested in Brady coming and putting on a Bench Press Seminar, email ironauthority@hotmail.com .  Additional fees will apply if extended travel requirements exist.


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