Weekly Update

Weekly Update

May 12, 2012

It doesn’t feel like a lot has happened with us this week, but it really has.  We’ve been taking steps in the right direction.

I am getting some seminars scheduled, apparel printing is finalized this coming week, and we’ll be selling merchandise at a booth at the USA Powerlifting Illinois State Championships.

I just upgraded our cell phone services with iPhones.  Now I can access my website remotely through my iPhone and make posts, emergency posts, changes, etc.  Good investment.

We also received our new Iron Authority Banner in the mail this past week.  It looks better than I had imagined.  Not bad for how I created it and the price I paid.  I’ll use banners.com again.

We have a lifter lined up for our June Athlete.  I hope it works out alright.  The guy is an incredible athlete at his age…a truly remarkable athlete.

I went to the printer this week and the graphics are looking really good.  The employees there seemed to really like the designs I’ve created.  They gave me a tour of their facility and asked what Iron Authority is.  They seemed to be fans of Iron Authority before I left.

I am also competing at the IL state meet.  Hoping to eclipse a 325.5K or 717LBS bench press…so as you can imagine, I have a lot to think about and get done for next weekend.

I may or may not make any updates to the site between now and next week after the competition.  Depends on a few things…articles, content gathering, etc.



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  1. kevin /

    This is an awesome site!!! How did I not know about it until today? What kind of bumpers are those and whose platform? Good luck at IL state!

    Kevin M

    • @Kevin
      Thanks! We’ve been up since February and growing pretty fast. Not sure who the manufacturer is on those bumpers. Hope you training is going well and good luck with your strongman gym!

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