Well now I just wait……(bench opener and World meet expectations)

Well now I just wait……(bench opener and World meet expectations)

Apr 11, 2014

It is finished. My bench cycle for Master Worlds.This article is about World bench coming up and my opener workout. Usually I write about all three lifts but with Worlds next Friday I have one focus, Worlds.

I have a link to my squat workout which was very good in case anyone cares:



The workout

 Ok to the task at hand. If you have followed the training log overall I would say the cycle was an 8-8.5. I would have liked to been more convincing on the bench but slow and controlled seems to be my style.

I was a little worried about my energy level because I squatted heavy the night before and normally I have a day’s rest in between workouts but due to family commitments I had to bump it up a day. I approached this workout with the intention of using 2 shirts to decide which will be used in England. I did not go with my new shirt first because this meet is about white lights not PRs. I warmed up exactly as I would in the meet, no variations. I went with the older shirt and nailed my opener of 550. Ass down. It was slow and in control. I find when the weight is light and I try to throw it through the ceiling I lose my groove and could dump it so I deliberately go slow. Very happy.

Next the new shirt. I did do a 2 board with shirt first then went to the opener of 550 again and nailed it BUT it was jerky.

Final decision first shirt new one is back up.

I finished off the workout with the RAM and 2 sets of incline which I eeked out the reps.

The video:


The bench workout:

335 2 reps

405 1 rep with RAM

485 2 reps 3 board

525 1 rep 2 board (older shirt)

550 1 rep with commands

525 1 rep 2 board (new shirt)

550 1 rep with commands

425 3 reps with RAM

465 1 rep  “          “

495 miss “            “ (had to try it)


285 3 reps

320 3 reps


Meet expectations

The next 7 days will be long and at times mentally conflicting. I will be tossing my opener around, is it too heavy or too light? Should I use this shirt or that?

I will be lifting at 5 pm England time 12 pm est. I plan on waking up 2-3 pounds under weight so I can eat during the day. I do NOT want the mental anguish of worrying about feeling weak because I can’t eat up till weigh ins because I came in heavier then I wanted. I plan to be stress free like the last three world meets.

Well I do not plan on hitting any number in particular. I just plan on being successful for myself and wherever that places me then so be it. If I place top 3 am I saying it doesn’t matter? HELL NO I would be excited as well as disappointed if I didn’t medal BUT I do realize I am competing against other national champions and to be at this stage is an accomplishment and an honor alone.

I do fit in with these guys and I will give them my best mentally and physically but when it is all said and done I will walk away as being one of the best this day!!

I hope my next article has a positive recollection of the meet. I mean how can’t it my Bio chart says it will be a good day ,lol.

Till next time.

Focus First.

Thanks to The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, IronAuthority, ATP Extreme ,Oxygen Factor, and RockTape.


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