What does it mean to be Strong?

What does it mean to be Strong?

Mar 12, 2014

Since the Arnold I have been thinking regarding my next steps in my lifting career. Do I continue on this same path and hope for a different outcome or do a find something else. With these thoughts I continue to come back to the same question, What does it mean to be strong? Is it out benching any other at your gym or in a competition? Squatting more this month then before? Is it having the ability to clean 400 pounds over head or pick up over double body weight off the ground? Is it being able to move a heavy object from one location to another? Is it overcoming the different aspects of your life to accomplish your goals? Is it having the courage to step on stage for a show?

It’s a combination of everything. It’s the drive to change what you are doing to become something else. It’s the need to fulfill your destiny. It’s putting yourself out there not to be boastful but confident and proud of the hard work you have accomplished. It’s trying something new knowing that you will fail at first, but with determination you will rise.

For me it is a change to my training all together. I will be taking bits and pieces of different methods; powerlifting, bodybuilding, olympic  weightlifting, and strongman to help reach my overall goal of being strong. I have a plan set in place where I will have a focus on all of these different training methods. I feel this will help me to reach my overall goals. Also it will give me something different to train with. I have never tried the olympic lifts or any strongman work. But I can understand that if I am able to add these different movements into my regiment that I will begin to strengthen weakness I did not know I had.

So ask yourself, what does it mean to be strong?

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