What’s there to say

What’s there to say

Sep 16, 2014

It’s been way to long since my last post my friends and for that I am sorry. I did not want to bore you with my missed and lack of regular training. After my son was born I was lucky to get in a training session per week.

But now I am finally starting to get back to a more normal training schedule. And more importantly I have a few more goals to hit before the end of this year. I am currently training for two competitions. The first is the Ohio State Championship where I will compete int he Ironman; bench and deadlift; in hopes of securing my position to once again return to the Arnold Classic.

The second and more important meet will be the Police and Fire National Championship taking place along with the American Open in December. I am hitting it hard in hopes of putting myself in a good position to make a run for the national title. I feel if my training progresses and I stay healthy I have a solid chance of bring the title home.

My training has changed with a focus on hitting some controlled intensity with some back loaded volume. And by that this is what I have been doing so far. For the main movement of the day I will work up to a double @9. I will then take that final weight and drop it 70%. I will hit 6 reps, add 20 pounds, 5 reps, 20 more pounds…. down to 2 reps. I will follow that up with accessory for the other lifts and hit some mobility. I do this set up for each of my main lift days. I round the training week out with some flat dumbbell bench work, 3×8; some biceps curls and triceps push downs, and some abs work.

I will be wrapping this training up within the next week. After that I will be dropping down the volume and focusing more on the main lifts. So I will hit a single @9 on my main movement. Then drop it 80% and hit triples @9. I will follow this with one accessory movement for my other lifts and hit some mobility. For example I would hit my main squats for the day and follow those with deficit stiff leg deadlifts and mobility.

I promise to keep this blog more up to date as my training progresses.

IA all day!


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