Where I am and where I am going!!

Where I am and where I am going!!

Jul 15, 2013

Hello, hello, hello!!!

I’m Abby Beenblossom (literally: bean-blossom – hahaha!) and I am the newest addition to the Iron Authority team.  Besides being completely blown away at this new adventure and opportunity, I am feeling so blessed just to be able to share my training and experiences with you!  There is a post up about me, who I am, where I come from, etc.. But I wanted to take the time to quickly put in a little about what I am doing right now and where I hope to go from here.  This will give a back drop to my training/diet programs and why they are the way they are.  That way, when I share what I am doing each day – you won’t be completely lost as far as what my goals are and what I am doing to get there!


I am currently working on gaining some (hopefully) lean mass and (hopefully) keeping the fat gains to a minimum.  In figure competitions, it’s important to be as lean and muscular as possible.  Not an easy task, come to find out!  During prep, I was dieted down to a point of very low calories, very low carbs, and a LOT of cardio.  I am currently reverse dieting and slowly upping my calories, carbs, and doing as little cardio as possible.  I want to stay lean via an intense and heavy lifting program and eating healthy and nutrient dense foods.  More on my training to come!  I’ll keep you updated weekly about what I am doing for lifting and why! 😀

In a HUGE generalization – I lift heavy, eat carbs, and said screw it to cardio.  That’s my new and improved way of doing things!

Happy to be a part of this and have this great opportunity!  Talk soon!!


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  1. Right – However, for some (like me) lifting is the way we clear our minds. I do run on occasion. Only HIIT training though!! No long runs for this girl! Especially when knowing that it causes the body to lose muscle and pack on fat. I do agree with you though. Some people like to go for a run just to clear their mind! And it is a great way to do that! As long as it doesn’t get excessive, it’s perfectly healthy.

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