Josh Hunt: Why I Train

Josh Hunt: Why I Train

Dec 4, 2012

Why I Train.

By Josh Hunt


Why do I train?  It is a simple enough question.  And, off the cuff there usually is a simple answer.  For some of us it is because we want to have a healthy body and a high quality of life, for others it’s to make oneself more appealing to the opposite sex, for other’s they may feel that have to or are obligated to, yet others might be doing it to feel better about inadequacies, there are a myriad of answers, and really none of them are wrong.  Being a powerlifter, it’s to get strong so I can compete at a higher level.  One might be fine with this answer, but being the person I am, I try to look more deeply into things.  When reflecting upon this question a nebulous cloud of ideas form.  However, when I distill these thoughts down one thought remains.  I train to better myself.  I‘ve had a mantra from sometime “I want to be a better man tomorrow than I was today.”  With training in a competitive manner I have a measurable metric that I can use to compare myself to past Josh.

In a world full of intangible feelings and murky objectives, getting stronger is a goal that one can put on themselves and actually see results.  For example I attended the USAPL (United States Powerlifting) Nationals in Palm Springs this past August, then just recently I competed in the NAPF (North American Powerlifting) Benchpress competition in Aurora Co in November.  I was able to increase my personal best on the bench by eleven pounds.  Now, eleven pounds in the grand scheme of things may not seem like a lot, but in essentially two months, for me is huge.  I can say that present Josh is a stronger man than past Josh.  Which is a great feeling.  In a world where many times one can stagnate easily (and I do in other avenues), I am moving forward.  Evolving, changing and becoming more of the person I want to be.

This can be a bit of a strange concept in a world that is obsessed with six pack abs, questions about how much you curl, and freaks trying anything new to grab attention (physically) because they never fully developed a personality or any higher mental faculties.  Powerlifting at its core is a very primal directive; basically it boils down to lifting heavy things.  There is so much more to it; the strategy, gear, technique, training, nutrition, etc. Basically, it is a sport that is simultaneously brutish and cerebral.   Having this as a focal point to see how a person is growing is a powerful thing.  This sport tests will power, physical and mental strength, and wherewithal.  That being said my personal best increase of eleven pounds was more than just me moving forward in the strength department, it was a barometer for me in several aspects of my life.  I can look back and say that during that training cycle I managed stress better, had day in and day out better training, ate cleaner, and so on.  So present Josh is not only strong but better at handling the bullshit life hands him.

Not only can I say this, I can say that testing myself was in a controlled environment.  I had to benchpress in front of three IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) judges.  Some gym rats like to claim the can bench a certain amount of weight all you have to do is ask their buddy.  That is complete crap to me.  When one wants to get a baseline of where they are at, they need to do so by removing as much doubt and variables as possible, essentially making the test as legitimate and scientific as they can.  It’s a lot harder to test your meddle when you know there is the possibility of failing due to strict guidelines.  Additionally, I can say that I am progressing without taking shortcuts.   The only thing that I allowed myself to use was what biology has given me, the input of my training partners, and effort. This shows to me that the assets that I have can be used to become something better than I once was.

Why do I train?  The simple answer is I want to be a better powerlifter.  But, the introspective answer is I want to move forward.  I want to know that I can get stronger while playing by the rules that I have set for myself (some of which are outlined in the IPF rule book), and balancing my work life, social life, and all the other things that hinder or help us along the journey that is call life.  I feel I am getting better, which inspires me to set higher goals for myself.  Being a better athlete is a goal that I have for myself, which greatly ties in to having a purpose. Because after all what is life if there is no purpose?

Josh Hunt a California native has been involved in several sports at the
organized, intramural, high school, collegiate, national, and international
levels.  He began weight lifting at fourteen for football and has continued
in the sport into the present.  He currently is a resident of the Metro East
St. Louis suburbs and has been competing in the USAPL since 2009.  He trains
at the Belleville Weightlifting Club, lifting in full power lifting meets
and bench press meets, raw, and geared.  He is an avid traveler and food



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  1. Lynelle White /

    Great first blog Josh. Clearly you are a motivation to us all but I was wondering…and this may seem totally random and off topic but…Do you acknowledge the existence of the Star Wars prequels (e.g. episodes 1, 2 and 3) and if so, why?

    🙂 A bet’s a bet bro.

    • Josh Hunt /

      Thanks Lynelle for the kind words. Based on contractual agreements I must acknowledge the existence of Star Wars Episodes 1,2, and 3. However, these are horrible, horrible films. George Lucas took something that was amazing and added a whiny, stupid, lame back story. I will have to say that these movies did help better me in the sense that they give me something to get pissed about when I deadlift. I think if someone offered me the chance to throw rotten vegetable at Mr. Lucas if I could increase my next competition total by 50 lbs I’d have several massive new personal records, all thanks to these atrocities. And, old Georgy Boy would look like the Swamp Thing due to the amount of rancid vegetation on him, everyone would be a winner!

  2. Jona Leo /

    Good stuff man….


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