Windy Update 2 Year Injury Anniversary

Windy Update 2 Year Injury Anniversary

May 31, 2015


^^Yes, I drive many, many hours at a time in this vehicle

It has been an absolutely CRAZY past few months.  I have been working, traveling, re-instating my consulting business all while working with my partners and teammates at 2XL Powerlifting.  My travel has increased back to what it was prior to my stepping out of consulting in 2009, plus I am adding product lines and re-establishing old clients and contacts.  Then again, CRAZY may be an understatement.

How does this affect my training?  Difficult food choices on the road, ownership demands on both fronts, absolute exhaustion and ‘travel bloat.’  Does one step down and away?  F**k no!  Now is the time to push harder than ever!

One huge challenge is that I am spending a lot of time in the middle of nowhere working with wind generators.

I am about to head to the same conference I was attending on June 4, 2013 – then in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where I blew out my left patellar tendon and crushed my thumb.  This time it is in Seattle, Washington.  I had a goal – prior to attending the conference this year I intended to hit squat weights that I was playing with at that time.  I had 18 months of rehab and dealing with set-backs then trained – literally started squatting again – for Relentless, Minnesota 2015.  I went from wondering if I was going to be able to get into the 400s in time for the meet in January to hitting a 551lb squat with a loose Overkill deadlift suit.

^^May 24, 2015 5×5 sets at 435 and 485 loose briefs and loose knee sleeves (for keeping the knee joints hot) high volume programming

^^May 31, 2015 4x and 5x at 485 and 525 loose briefs and loose knee sleeves final day of high volume squat programming.

One of the things that I did was to keep my squats above parallel as I presently have decided that below parallel will be completed with knee wraps until I have full use of the injured knee (ease climbing stairs and jogging).  The work completed with Donnie Thompson’s school held at 2XL Powerlifting on May 2nd and 3rd, 2015, helped me jump significantly higher than where I was.  At the beginning of May, 2015, my 5 rep (above parallel) max was just under 400lbs.

Yeah, come to 2XL Powerlifting if you want to see this fat man hanging upside down in a power rack!

I’ve combined my high volume work with single 10-15 second ‘stand-ups’ slowing progressing with higher weights, which helps with the other programming.

I’m also working through some high volume bench work.

^^Yep, that was it… mind you I had just finished a 9 hour drive from Canada after three days of lecturing in Toronto.  I almost fell asleep while benching.  Going after 30 reps before heavy singles and breaking in my SDP shirt.

I’ve made the decision to back off on deadlift while concentrating on these lifts.  The primary reason is that my deadlift is just as crappy as it was two years ago.  Once I hit my present single rep goals for squat and bench, then I will concentrate on deadlift improvement.

At this time, my next planned full power meet is in March, 2016.  I am using 2015 to get where I want to be, work with other lifters, help run meets, video, and all the other behind the scenes stuff.

Patience – we are candles in the wind.



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