Women in Powerlifting, Fitness and Strength Sports Part 1

Women in Powerlifting, Fitness and Strength Sports Part 1

Dec 22, 2012

The purpose of this study is to review the personal, environmental and cultural impact of women participating in strength sports, which society still seems to view as a masculine discipline.  This study will result in a series of articles covering motivation and societal viewpoints on the topic.  The first two articles will cover two surveys followed by several articles based upon direct interviews with a number of the respondents.  We are not expecting to develop conclusions from this study, only recognition of the environment surrounding women in non-traditional sports.

Who knew the number one negative response to women in strength sports would be ‘Your uterus will fall out?’  Isn’t a squat the ultimate Kegel?


The full Part 1 article follows in pdf format:





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  1. Let me say first, Howard, that I think it is both laudable and important that you are taking on this undertaking. I think this is an important culture shift that is an ongoing part of our society, and I believe it is one for the better. Having a beautiful powerlifter wife myself, I can honestly say that powerlifting is something that has made our marriage stronger, literally.

    I wanted to make a quick comment to dispel the “your uterus will fall out”. This is nonsense. While there was one case of a young male who had a prolapsed rectum while squatting (not even a case report really, just some pictures of a guy floating around the web for a while), and this was after he had a previously-existing rectal fissue, the likelihood of having a prolapsed uterus from powerlifting is slim to none. And yes, squatting is the ultimate Kegel exercise. Having taken care of a fair share of patients with uterine prolapse myself, I can confirm that powerlifting would actually diminish the likelihood of the occurance of a uterine prolapse. A main part of the pathogenesis of a uterine prolapse is, in fact, weakening of the pelvic floor musculature. The whole “your uterus will fall out” is hogwash.

    For reference, please see article:


  2. Howard Penrose /

    Thank you for your comment, brother! Yeah, that was kind of a funny comment made to female powerlifters by female relatives. Totally didn’t expect that from the survey!

    I heard about the college student during a squat, supposedly while using equipment. However, was never able to find any actual proof and it seemed to sound more like one of those internet hoaxes.

    In the meantime, I agree, the lack of knowledge by the general public of powerlifting and general health ends up with such comments. Thank you for the reference!

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