Working the Patella Tendon Repair #RoadToRecovery

Working the Patella Tendon Repair #RoadToRecovery

Oct 13, 2013


I have to say that I honestly hope to never experience this type of injury again.  After four months of patience and hard work, along with the potential that the work may have to be redone if the tendon continues to stretch, the setback in both powerlifting goals and even day to day work and routine, is not fun.  It is extremely important to maintain a positive attitude and look at it as the potential to improve upon weaknesses.

I am at the point where the doctor has said that the repair may have stretched a bit (3-4mm), which may weaken the knee/quads, but we will have to review.  This was not good news.  However, he also said that some level of resistance may be placed upon the tendon at this point in an effort to strengthen the leg – using pain as a guide.

Present challenges include stepping up – after several weeks of work I can step up on a 12 inch platform.  However, as I step down and the muscles transition from the hams/glutes to the quads (about 10-20 degrees bend) all strength is lost.  I can do a bodyweight squat below parallel, but have found that I lean to the good side and I am working on forcing myself to place more stress on the left.

This past week we have started working on the quads through the use of the leg press.  At therapy we moved to 80lbs for a set of 20 and 120lbs for a set of 20 one-leg presses.  On team squat days I add in leg rehab work which includes:

  • Warm up using an (ugh!) elliptical moved from 5 minutes at level 5 to 10 minutes at level 10
  • Step-ups to 12 inch platform 3 sets of 20
  • Squats – body weight – 3 sets of 12
  • Leg extensions – body weight only – 3 sets of 12
  • Leg press (banded) – 3 sets of 12



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  1. Ken Bulbrook /

    Good job Howard. I feel your pain. You are doing great, 4 months sounds like a long time but it is not. I don’t want to say take it slow but I do agree with let your pain lead you. I tell Ute that very same thing. That it is of the utmost importance even if you are in top shape to differentiate between damaging internal pain and no pain no gain superficial pain. You know but must keep in mind that this plateau will eventually subside and you will have an period of exponential advancement. That is my opinion and words of encouragement. KennyB

  2. I have been reading several of your articles and i thought i will leave a short reply: thanks=)

  3. I have read many article regarding to this topic and done lots of research for the same. but here i get something new.thanks for sharing.

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