World Wrap up

World Wrap up

Oct 5, 2014

It is over and I am pleased. Training was great and the meet was ALMOST my best ever. I had a game plan all the way down to what I wanted to weigh when I woke up.

I arrived Tuesday and had had 3 days to adjust to the time differential. I had plenty of rest and the food was good, almost too good. Considering the food was high in salt I did pay attention to what I ate the day before. Didn’t want to wake up heavy.

I did everything I wanted to. I knew I was competing at 6:30 pm and knew if I woke up the morning of the meet less then a pound under I would probably have some minds games being played internally. Well that didn’t happen I woke up 2 ½ pounds under so I was able to eat comfortably during the day but did weigh myself twice just to be safe. By the way, yes I did sleep cold to guarantee the weight loss which was 3 pounds overnight.

Video, well I don’t have any squats because I didn’t get anyone to record till the bench but here is what I have:

In the meet I had 1 personal best (squat) and tied 2 other personal best (total and deadlift in the last 3 yrs.).


                The meet moved fast which was fine but I know NOT to expect any PRs on the bench because that is the movement that gets impacted the most at a fast pace. I opened at and got it but I had trouble with balancing on the opener. I felt like I was going to fall backwards but adjusted on future attempts by pointing my toes slightly more forward then normal. (I had the same problem in warmups).

Second attempt, 578, I got called for depth but we protested. We were awarded another chance and I got it. So from doing my second attempt to the retake then to my third attempt about 12-13 minutes passed. I have never done 3 attempts with 95% or greater weight so close together. Very happy with that!! NOTE: ALL 4 of my attempts were red lighted by the HEAD JUDGE for depth. Never have I had that happen. So from my 2nd attempt to my 4th squat attempt I did all 3 attempts in about 12 minutes. I ended with a pr 589 under world judging!!! PR!!!!

3 for 4 589 pounds.


                Nothing to really talk about here. I believe (4 attempts) screwed my bench up. Moving fast and adding an extra attempt my tris were slightly tired .I hit my opener, 551, and missed my 567. I didn’t lock 567 on my second attempt and on the third I did lock it out smoothly but said my butt came up. We went to protest but were too late.

1 for 3 551 pounds


                Preface this with if you know me or read my articles I used to dead 585(single lift meet) 556 (full meet) 3 yrs. ago and then it plummeted down to 524. However, unknowingly, a prescription for poison ivy (August 24) also helped alleviate inflammation of a nerve in my spine besides fight the poison and wala my back is feeling great!! I opened at 490 to be safe and not act like it was 3 years ago. Afterwards I told Gina I felt good and we made a bigger jump for the second attempt. Going into the third attempt I was told I had a chance at first and I told them put on what I needed and they did. Funny thing (3rd attempt) I wrapped my hand so tight I couldn’t open or close my hand. I was on the platform and removed the wrap so I could grip the bar and still got it. (The champ pulled his 3rd successfully to bump me down a spot). I went 3 for 3 tying my best dead in last 3 yrs.

3 for 3 534 pounds.


                Very pleased and now off to the off season. Had a great year. 2 national titles and to silvers in 2 world meets. Not bad. I have work to do and bar speed on the squat is number one. I believe my dead will be stronger next year and just strengthen my shoulder area but not over doing my bench.

I have one Master World meet on my calendar (bench) and I hope to be on the World 3 lift again but there are no guarantees that I will win nationals. I turned down the Open World bench team for next year because of finances. In reality I am out of my league for the Open Worlds. Best placing I could do would be 7th                at last year’s meet.

Anyways till next time…

Focus First.


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