Worlds last heavy workouts, handling 600 on the bench and deadlift still sucks

Worlds last heavy workouts, handling 600 on the bench and deadlift still sucks

Sep 12, 2013

Getting a phone call 36 days before Master Worlds and asked to represent the USA (September 27) was not a decision I had to think about long. However considering this happened to me last year I was better prepared. I just finished bench nationals 4 days earlier and my thought was maybe a meet in December. Now my timeframe was upped 3 months. I decided this time quality was more important than quantity. I arranged a cycle of 34 days where I will do the competition lifts 4 times each (of the 4 workouts one will be my opener). I have 3 heavy workouts per lift. What should I expect with only half a training cycle? Well not a day with PRs (personal records). This does not mean I don’t push hard. I do BUT I tone down expectations where overtraining is considered if I try to do too much too soon.

As mentioned in previous articles my deadlift sucks. My best is 579 BUT that was over 2 years ago and since then it has plummeted to 534. When I am done benching (in a full meet) my lower back hurts and leading into the deadlift I can barely pull 405 without thinking I can’t do it. This problem has carried over into just deadlifting in a workout where I use to pull 540 for 5 but now I can only pull 520 for 1 or 2 . My lower back feels like it was going to tear. So this past offseason while I trained for bench nats I did conventional pulls and strengthen my lower back. I am now confident pulling conventional. I can’t pull what I did sumo but I have no discomfort. For the meet I am going to pull sumo because I don’t want to overload conventional by trying to better my sumo. The 30 day notice dictated this.

Bored? Hate reading? Well here is a video collage of the week:


Well this covers the 3 last heavy workouts leading into Worlds (all that is left is my openers). My training was fine up to this portion then my deadlift dug into my thighs causing cuts. They scabbed over but didn’t become a problem till I squatted. My form was horrible. Where the squat suit fits unto my thighs dug into the cuts created from my deadlift suit which caused bleeding. This was apparently going to be a problem that reared its head on my first set. I didn’t get to parallel because of the discomfort. I pulled the suit up above the cuts and proceeded to 570. It went better but was short of my goal.

My dead workout was unbearable. I couldn’t get comfortable with the suit and had to loosen it up by taking my shirt off and loosening the belt up to notches so I could breathe and bend over. My next dead will be just my opener and it should be better. (I also was about 5 lbs. heavier than normal and this may have also caused extreme tightness)

Dead Sep 3

405 2 reps

475 2 reps straps down

495 1 rep straps up

505 “                      “

Went back down and made adjustment. Took off shirt and loosened belt to free some breathing space.

495 2 reps

515 2 reps ugly

Squat Sep 9

415 2 sets 2 reps (straps down, no knee wraps)

495 2 reps (straps down, knee wraps) pain due to cuts

540 2 reps (straps up, knee wraps)

570 2 reps (straps up, knee wraps) depth was pretty good

I have to squat slow and almost pause at the bottom because I feel like I may lose it in the hole. I am sacrificing weight for control and am working on it.

Bench Sep 11

335 3 reps raw

375 1 rep 2 board raw

415 “                                      “

515 1 rep 3 board (shirt no wrist wraps)

560 1 rep 2 board (shirt, wraps) looks awful

575 “                                                                      “

600 “                                      “ MUCH BETTER great drive. Head was where it was suppose to be.


225 3 sets of 5 reps

275 5 reps

I am happy with the 600 BUT let’s be realistic, IT IS A 2 BOARD REP .

I am not killing myself on the bench because I just came off a meet and the word is MAINTAIN.

My word of the week next week is “Openers”. That should say it all. I hope to leave the week fired up. Until then…..

Focus First.

Thanks to IronAuthority, The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, ATP Extreme,Oxygen Factor and RockTape for helping me become a better powerlifter!


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