Yeah – I Used to Powerlift

Yeah – I Used to Powerlift

Nov 25, 2013


(Me – 1991)

What the hell?

Walk up to me while I have 605lbs loaded on a safety rack and a far-away look in my eyes, I’m in the zone about to do a to-the-chest reverse band double on the bench…. and start talking about when you tried to compete 18 years ago and all powerlifters are cheaters… and… and… then wonder why a 45 is coming at you?  I’m sorry that you failed in your first meet 18 years ago – your squat still sucks and I am amazed you haven’t wrecked your back.

Yes, I know that wearing my powerlifting shirts in public or on airplanes will start conversations.  But, really?  You are 90lbs wet trying to explain to me how you used to do 10 reps of my world record lift a few years back (happened on a flight from San Juan).  Yeah, I’m impressed, especially by the look on your face as I state that I didn’t remember seeing your name on the record I shattered.  Sorry I hurt your feelings… hah!

You know what?  I did pretty good when I was young – but nothing like I am doing now.  The numbers back then that we see common today were only accomplished by the ‘big guys.’  The Ernie Frantz, Ed Coan, Captain Kirk Kowalski era.. yet, somehow these people accomplished 1000 lb squats and 700 lb bench presses, raw, while in high school.

I have no issues supporting someone who asks for assistance in the gym – even moving forward to rescue a gal who’s boyfriend decided to show her how to ‘squat.’  She was awesome, having never done it before, being told to ‘adjust’ to a really bad form (I will kindly refer to it as the ‘accordion’)!  I encourage anyone who is interested, coach those who put forth the effort, and even financially sponsor a few lifters of all levels – I am not an elitist, but get really annoyed when I am put in a position that I cannot ignore an annoying idiot.  I only insert myself into a situation when someone’s safety is at risk.

Ever get ready to bench and have someone come up and start to assist bragging  about how their buddy benches 700+ at only 135lbs?  Yeah, then I want your buddy’s help – get the hell out of the way of my spotter!  I’m not putting my life at risk for a dumb-ass.  Worse – allowed someone who looked the part, acted the part, to spot me squatting, and I am still suffering from when he ran away from the 765lbs when I just needed a push back in the rack!

It also worries me when I see people attempting to compete when someone with no experience has obviously been training them.  My friend, before you train someone, go to a powerlifting gym or meet with an experienced lifter and learn a little first.  The basics are at least a start.  Then keep your mind open when, at the competition, someone with experience makes a few suggestions to your lifters, or you.  The idea behind this sport is to share ideas, training methods and ways to keep in the sport until you are past the century mark!

What is up when civilians decide that they are experts in powerlifting without having any training by an experienced powerlifter or even competing?  I mean, I didn’t feel comfortable training a group of high school kids in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, even though I had a number of years of formal and informal training in the sport.  I’m still learning!  We did manage to take a team that was pushed around on football field to a team that the Hartford Courant claimed was the ‘team to beat.’  (which was apparently really easy, considering our offense/defense sucked).  We went from 28th in the state to 3rd then maintained the top position for a while.


What is the idea behind the approach and comments by these civilians who we can tell, at a glance, that there is no way in hell they were able to accomplish what they claim?  Seriously, I want to know!

Is it that old adage that the biggest guy on the block has a target on his (or her) back?  Why do these people who feel that sitting on the couch all day, or hanging with their buddies in the gym (vs serious people who are training), decide that it is a great idea to approach the dangerous animal lifting heavy things and disturb him with fictional tales of days gone by?  Or, worse, decide that it’s the best time to criticize someone obviously training?  Could it be that you feel woefully inadequate?  I’m sure your girlfriend who is half my age is ready to run into my arms.  Grow a pair, be a man, and do your thing while I’m doing mine and you won’t open the door for that very thing to happen.

Well, get off your ass and do something about it!  Take me on, break my records, but don’t break my zone when I am training and I promise – the dangerous animal that exists during my lift will stay in its cage when you give a friendly hello!


Training today: bands (monster) bench in safety rack – bar x 8, 135×5, 225×2, without bands 315×2, reverse bands (heavy) 405×2, 455×2, 495×2, 545×1, 565×1, 585×1, [dealt with annoying idiot] 605×2 (PR).

Cable crossovers – pec minor (high) 3 sets of 12

Rant – see above.




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