You Hit What!!!

You Hit What!!!

Oct 18, 2013

That is the feeling I had after my final week of intensity training was complete. During this last week I focused on hitting singles @9-10. I tried to leave at least 5-15 pounds left off the bar. And let me tell you it was a great week to prove that my training was working.

I started the week with squats and hit my best competition pr of 535. It went up smooth and felt fast; even faster then the 515 I did on my second set. I thrown some bands on for some reverse sets and worked up to 585.

Day two consisted of bench. On my third set I hit 395 with a pause! What, that is 30 pounds over my best competition bench to date. I went for 405 but could not get the lock out. Either way I am stoked knowing the work I put into my bench is starting to pay off.

Day three is always my favorite day, deadlift day. I worked up to a clean 625, 40 pounds more then what I hit at nationals this year. 625 has been a plague on my deadlift for almost a year. I could not tell you the number of times I went for it in the gym and missing close to it three times in competition. I blew this Mother F**KER out of the water! It felt smooth, clean, and fast. Worked up to 655 on pin deadlifts, bar just below my knees.

I wrap this week up with some overhead presses working up to 265, and hitting a 395 floor press as well.

It was a great week. It helps me to gain an understanding of where I currently stand going into the state championship. It helps to prove that all of my training leading to this point has worked. It also goes to show how badly I want this and how badly I do not want to lose to a good friend, Jack.


IA All Day!!


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