You’re doing it wrong–A must read for everyone

You’re doing it wrong–A must read for everyone

Oct 24, 2014

Psst, come closer. I have a secret to tell you. Did you know that you are doing something vitally important to your health wrong every day? Did you know that this is something that everyone does and thinks its the norm? And the thing we are doing goes against what our bodies are naturally made to do?

Anyone have an ideas that this is? It’s pooping. Reliving ones self. Dropping the kids off at the pool. Lightening the load. I could go on and on but I think you get the idea. And now most of you are thinking but Paul I have used the toilet to poop for years, I don’t have a problem pooping.

Well my friends you actually do. Do you ever have to strain or feel like you are empty? I have a friend, J.A., that says it’s like a magic marker, and he wipes and wipes but there is always something. Well that is because you did not get everything out. You are still storing feces in your body. Some probably for a while.

So if you have read so far I encourage you to keep reading for the facts behind this. Dating back to the dawn of man, everyone pooped. But I have never seen a cave drawing of Crog sitting on the porcelain throne reading the daily palio times. That’s because our bodies were not created at sit on something or at a 90* angle to eliminate. We were meant to squat; and yes I mean below parallel. The western style toilet that we all have know as the norm is relatively new in the history of man. And a good chunk of the world does not use it. Your body was not made to sit on the toilet for proper elimination, it was made to squat.

Introducing the Squatty Potty! An elevated foot stool allowing for anyone to get into the proper position while using their standard western toilet.

The science behind it is simple. Your colon moves and stores feces before exiting the body. The puborectalis muscle keeps the colon and rectum pinched off while you are standing and moving around. When you sit on the standard western toilet to poop you only partially let this muscle relax. This partially relaxed muscle is what causes you to have to strain and push to get everything moving. This also does not allow for everything to come out, meaning all of the bad stuff needing to be eliminated from your body stays there. Because of this it creates numerous health issues such as constipation, bloating, IBS. When you squat and gets your hips below parallel that muscle relaxes and you are able to completely eliminate.

Using the squatty potty with your standard toilet does take some time to get the hang of it. At first it does feel weird; I have been using the standard toilet for almost 30 years. But within a couple of times of trying and letting yourself relax, the flow was a go. It was scary the stuff that came out at first, like it had been locked down for a while. And now after getting my correct positioning down I am able to eliminate easier, faster, and completer than before. I don’t feel the stomach pain or cramping. I don’t get that bloated feeling during the day. I don’t have that constant need to go again and again like I did before.

So as an athlete why is this important?

  • First and fore most your health should always be your highest priority. Being healthy will help carry you into old age and who does not want to be able to squat double body weight at 60!
  • There is nothing worse then setting up for a heavy squat and having the fear of losing yourself in the squat rack; don’t want to leave something extra in the hole.
  • I had a small weight lose that I attribute to using it. No losing weight was not my first priority but I dropped four pounds in a week without changing anything. I wonder where the four pounds came from.
  • We athletes eat more, so we poop more. And wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get everything out and feel lighter on your feet each day.
  • Lastly you are allowing your body to perform as it was intended to. You will be able to get rid of all the waste as nature intended you to. Your body will begin to function properly and improve your digestive mobility. You are able to free yourself from the toxins we all face in our daily lives.

Do yourself a favor and check them out a to see which one would work the best for you. Do the research on your own. I did and found that it could also help prevent colon cancer; which I have a family history of.

Happy squatting everyone!




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